Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall colors and stitching

Here is some fall color for you. I stood out on the porch today and took the pictures. With the winds we have had I am surprised all the leaves didn't blow off!

And Jack has progress on his cross stitch.  This section is now done and on to the next for him. 
Since I forgot to take a picture of my work, I will call this a short post for today.  God bless and huggles.


Nancie said...

Hi Michelle,

How are you? I missed you so. Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures. The leaves are beautiful in the fall.

Thank you for your prayers for me. Thank God I am feeling better. I missed you and many friends too. Take care and may God bless you always.

Warm regards,

Indian Lake Papa said...

I love the fall colors!! Ours are all gone now!!

Dee said...

There are a few hardy leaves left but with very little color here in my part of Michigan. Novemberrrrr chill is here and soon snow. Jacks cross stith is looking good...I look forward to seeing it completed. Sunday Blessings.♥