Saturday, October 23, 2010

A little here and there!

It has been a busy week so not a lot of crafting going on. I did finish this shawl up last night. Today I need to work in the ends, add ties and wash it so it can go to it's new owner at church tomorrow.
What do you think of this?  You make 4 of these and sew them together, add a border and it becomes a shawl.  It looked so unusual I had to try it.  It isn't a hard pattern at all.  I am thinking of making an afghan using it.
You can find both patterns at this website --> Caron
Their instructions are wonderfully written and for free patterns, they are beautiful!  So be blessed and huggles to all.


Chicken Wrangler said...

I learned to crochet a little, but my stitches are so uneven! I think I lack the discipline to sit there and learn to do it correctly, but I admire the work of those who are able! Yours look great!

Barbara said...

That is so pretty, my favorite color too, thank you dear for sharing your work with us, hugs Barbara

Susan said...

Both so lovely. Wish I could use a needle like you do, Michelle!!!

PlainCatholic said...

GORGEOUS shawl! The best I can do is a Tasha Tudor shawl but that is because it I do not have track the changes in stitches. Am not that adept as you.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I am going to try this..