Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Birdie feet and branches

I have been working on the Cardinals again and when Sylvia is napping I sneak a little work in on Jack's afghan too!  It's far to hot to be outside so might as well keep busy in here.

The moon was so pretty the night before, I had to take a couple pictures.  I sort of got my camera to cooperate!

And of course here is our girl keeping cool while looking cool (at least she thinks)  LOL!  The other night even with Jack's hearing loss, he could here her thundering all over the place upstairs.  Then she flew down the stairs, zoomed around the corner and to the kitchen so fast, he didn't realize she had went past him at the dining table.  Silly cat!  She scared herself playing with the lazer light today.  She bumped her stuff dog and when it hit her leg she cleared the floor by about 3 feet.  I about fell off the couch laughing and dog got a dirty look!
I have had a couple questions on the angels.  One was on how long it takes to make them and the answer is not very long at all.  They are done all in one piece and take just about 5 minutes at most.  And someone asked what I was doing with them.  Well, they are all going to one person who gives them to people needing a little lift in life.
Thanks for visiting!  Huggles and blessings.


Dee said...

Blessings to your friend who gives your beautiful angels to people who need them.♥I can just envision Sylvia running around LOL....It sounds like she is enjoying her new space.

Mii Stitch said...

Lovely progress on your stitching, it really is coming along beautifully! Your friend is a little angel herself, this is so kind of her x

Minnie said...

You are an angel too for making them, they are beautiful and would brighten anyone's day. I can just imagine the look Sylvia gave her stuffed dog.

Barbara said...

Beautiful stitching as always.