Saturday, July 27, 2013

Rainy day stitching and fun

We had a wonderful, rainy and cool day yesterday.  I think the bush outside the window enjoyed it as well.  I stepped out on the porch to get this picture of it and the coolness was most welcome.

I have decided that doing one motif at a time on Jack's afghan is not how I want to do it.  It seems to slow so I am doing several in the first color and then doing and attaching with the second.

And the cardinals are coming along.  Not fast enough to make me happy and I am also starting to get bored with working on them.  Makes me not work so fast I think.

I want to do another "Names of Jesus" from my friend's website.  It is a free chart and you can find it HERE  Just sign up for the newsletter and there ya go!

Sylvia seemed to have a silly streak going yesterday and here is the proof.

Thanks for visiting!  Blessings and huggles.


Margaret said...

Recently Mia has taken to lying tummy up a lot. She never used too! lol! Love the pics of Sylvia. The afghan squares and the cardinals look great too!

Bean said...

I like the last picture of Sylvia, with her legs dangling in front of her, she looks like she is thinking to herself, "seriously???, another picture!" :)

We have had some cooler weather here in Indiana, so nice after a week or so of 90'ish and high humidity, it is nice to have the windows open again.


Susan said...

My Names of Jesus in green that you blessed me with several years ago hangs proudly above my computer desk in the office where I spend so many hours of my day. I love it and always point it out to anyone new who comes to our home. The latest was the blog friend, Joy, that visited us from Houston.

Have a blessed day worshiping The Lord on this Sunday morning. I know I will!!!!

Dee said...

The bush under your window is lovely. It seems filling in the back ground of the cardinal would be very tiring...that would be the point I would have to push myself to complete the project. But the finished project is going to be wonderful. Sylvia is looking cute Lucy lays on her back too.

Barbara said...

Love 'the names of Jesus' sampler and those adorable cat pictures. I am sure the shrubs enjoy a break in the hot weather too. Cool here today after 95f degrees and a 3 week heatwave. Going to be hot again end of week.