Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Putting the cardinals away...for now.

I really, really need a break from the cardinals.  I try to pick it up and do little or nothing.  So I started my "Names of Jesus" project for a change of pace.  Normally I would do it in 3 or 4 colors but this time I am using a different green for every name.  I like it thus far.

And I have been working away on Jack's afghan.  I got tired of going one motif at a time.  So I do the first color on a good number of them and then do the second color and attach them.  I am half way done now.

Nothing much else to show you as I have also been sewing and making dresses.  Or should I say preparing to make them.  I am using left over fabric and then I will buy a solid color for sleeves or sleeves and bodice or for skirt, depending on what I need.

Now for Miss Sylvia Joy snooping in a cupboard and just chillin'.

Thanks for visiting.  Blessings and huggles.


Bean said...

I lay projects aside too. I just started this morning to put together a shirt for my husband, I only cut it out last summer :) I did so much sewing last summer and by the time I cut out the shirt I just didn't have the motivation to sew it up. But now I do and it is almost done.
I love the greens in the Jesus Name piece, it is going to look beautiful when finished.


diamondc said...

I am like you I get tired of a project and go on to something else, I have finally finished a Sampler from a Retreat 2012 this month.
Love the color green the different colors are lovely.

Trisha said...

What is it about kitties and cupboards? Mine head for any open door they find. Hmmmmm....must be that secret spying thing. Hope your summer is going well!!

Anonymous said...

Like your Jesus name picture. I want to try one for our pastors, afghan looks nice and Sylvia is really precious.
from PA

Dee said...

My kitty's where always snoopy when I opened a cupboard door. They also liked getting behind the sofa or under the bed. Lucy has not been doing any snooping since the loss of Ethyl.:( It is good you have more than one project going so you can rotate them. The cardinals would be fun to get out this Winter.

Simply Shelley said...

That new cross stitch is going to be beautiful. I really wish I could sew for myself...I so need about three jumpers to wear through the rest of this hot...hot summer. Seems like it should be easy,but when I try...it just don't come together :) Guess,I should take some lessons...blessings