Thursday, August 8, 2013

A finish! Hooray!

I have finished my Names Of Jesus project.  I really do like all the greens!  What do you think?  I will be on to another soon if I have the right size fabric.

Been working on Jack's afghan and am finished with five of nine rows now.  It seems to go faster by doing a bunch of the motifs with the first color.  Our lovely model helps show the afghan.

Today Jack retrieved our puzzles from storage and we are starting on this wolf.  The thing will be over 3 feet long when finished.

Oh and I must show you are little visitor today.  Now I am not afraid of baby praying mantis but the big ones freak me out big time!

Jack caught Sylvia hanging out and watching him.

And lastly, I got my first issue of Cross Country Stitching that was my birthday present.  I had subscribed before but quit because the designs all started to seem pretty much the same to me.  I happened to see the cover of an issue and was surprised at how different the designs are now.  I love it and Jack gave me a subscription for my 54th birthday last month.

Thanks for coming by to visit.  Blessings and huggles.


Bean said...

WOWSERS you did the Jesus Names piece quick!! And, I love the greens, it looks fabulous.


Bean said...

WOWSERS you did the Jesus Names piece quick!! And, I love the greens, it looks fabulous.


Margaret said...

Beautiful finish! Just lovely -- I love green! The afghan is looking wonderful too, as is your model. lol! Praying Mantises are pretty neat! I haven't seen one in ages. Maybe if I saw one I'd freak out now. lol! Nice subscription -- happy birthday!

Mii Stitch said...

Congrats on your finish! It looks really lovely :) Love that magazine, judging by the cover, I think you won't be bored :)

Anonymous said...


Your finish is lovely, the greens look really good together.
Beautiful crochet, Sylvia looks lovely as a model.
I used to do jigsaws but my cats carry off the pieces so I gave up!
Happy weekend (:

Blessed Homemaking said...

All your creativity is so encouraging to look at! Thank you for sharing :)

Minnie said...

That is a great finish and your model is doing an excellent job showing off the beautiful afghan. Enjoy your magazine, they do have some really cute charts.

Deborah Spaulding said...

You did The Names of Jesus, quick,, but I love how it came out, you did a lovely job.

Pumpkin said...

Congrats on your finish! I like the greens myself :o)

Wow...that's going to be a huge puzzle when finished. I hope you have a big enough area to work on it. LOL!

I've been liking the CCS magazines lately as well. I'll be keeping my eyes out for this issue. It's got some neat patterns in it.

Sharon said...

Michelle, your finish is just gorgeous! I love the greens. I may have to add this one to my list to stitch!

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

A beautiful finish!