Thursday, August 29, 2013

Back at last!

I have felt better since the first of the week but a lot of my time I have spent working on dresses.  Finally I do have some handwork to show and Sylvia too, of course.  I need 34 more motifs for Jack's afghan so been working on those.

And I have been doing some on the Cardinals as well.  It seems to be a bit of slow going on this part for some reason.

And on Names of Jesus also.  I really am enjoying this one.

I have to do a cream on my neck back and hips 4 times a day for severe arthritis.  This is often what I see behind me in the vanity mirror.  I did turn around to take the picture as the mirror one came out odd.

And here she is napping away a very hot day!


Anonymous said...

My cat is curious too. I tell people she is my "snoopervisor."

Susan said...

Love the one of the cat peeking at you from the step top.

Annie said...

The cardinals are looking great. And Sylvia is totally cute peeking from the stairs.

Dee said...

Your needle work is perfection as always and got a chuckle out of the look on Sylvia's face as she watches you from the top of the stairs. :) Glad your back .

diamondc said...

Dearest Sylvia: Blondie says hi, she wants you to know her name is Blondie because she does such silly things that make no sense like staring at the wall for several mins.
Love the cardinals, and the Names of Jesus is beautiful.
Lucky Jack getting the lovely afghan.

Lumiruusu said...

The Cradilas looks amazing ,there is so many litlex.s in it already..
The Names of Jesus is a very encouraging pattern -I really love it !
Be blessed my Sister in Christ!
Maija from Finland