Monday, August 11, 2014

Almost Finished!

I finally got the floss I needed to finish the Names Of Jesus piece.  Just a little more in the center to do, check for any mistakes and it will be all done!
And a lot of progress made on the Rose Sampler as well.  The medallion is done and quite a bit of the borders.
Did you get any pictures of the moon tonight or last night?  It was beautiful here so I will share with you.

And yesterday the sunset was pretty too.  Love the fluffy clouds!

Last night Sylvia was getting belly rubs from Jack who hit a tickle spot at the same time I snapped a picture.  This is the result.
Here is a couple more pictures of that sylvia silliness.

So thanks for visiting!  Huggles and blessings.


Sandra said...

Your projects are beautiful :)

Love the moon shots, I didn't see it last night as it was cloudy here by us, but you got some good ones.

Your cat is so cute :)

Margaret said...

Love the colors in your latest Names of Jesus. Great pics of the supermoon and clouds! lol! That pic of Sylvia is hilarious! Love the expression on her face!

Lumiruusu said...

You have done beautifull work work with both of the samplers..! Sylvia is one very happy Kitty to have a loving home with you.Thank You for the kind words about our Chow Chow girl Misty.She is really a very gentle and loving dog ,really a big fluffy Teddy Bear. Very stubborn as Chows usually are ,she is shy with the strangers and dont want them to touch her but really loving toward her own family and few other people she has accepted to be her frends.
I am very gratefull that she has never shown any sign of agression.

Is it impossible to you take a chow Chow puppu to stay with Sylvia?!
I think they would get along well- Our two adult Kittyes accepted the Puppy Misty in a day or two. Now the think she is " a bit bigger Kitty" and cuddle with her and give her kitty kisses to her nose :) :)

Lana said...

Great stitching! Great photos of the moon!!