Friday, August 15, 2014

Some Plans!

I am taking a break from the big projects to work on a little one for a change.  Then i am going to make a run at finishing some pieces.  This is tempest from Teresa Wentzler I have had for awhile.  Such a cute little dragon!
And I will be finishing up my Cardinals from last year.
And my Rose Sampler too.
I am also working on some new angel crochet patterns for a friend.  One is done and I am trying out another.  It is a free pattern I found on Ravelry.  I can't remember the name of the pattern.  Sorry.
And now of course we need some Sylvia pictures!

Thanks for visiting!  Huggles and blessings.


Sandra said...

Love the cardinals and the dragon, how pretty :)

Hope you have a very good Saturday!

groovyoldlady said...

Oh Michelle...Those cardinals are amazing!

Mii Stitch said...

It's great to have a small project in between the big ones :) Have fun!!