Saturday, August 2, 2014

Wandering The Roads

We took a little jaunt yesterday to the small town of Huntsville AR.  Our plan was to go to a store called The Pantry and have lunch.  Here is a few pictures of the goodies in the store.  Lots of yummy raw honey.
Lots of rice and couscous and other wonderful things.
A few books and brooms too!
Then down the road a short way to Granny's kitchen where we had a wonderful grilled chicken breast sandwich and fries.
There is a beautiful Methodist church there.
Lovely clouds and mountains!
On the way home just down the street from us is a lake where a pair of geese raised there young.  Several more geese are there now including this gorgeous one.
Now for some stitching stuff!  I am working on my Rose Garland runner again.
And I am on the last page of four of the Names Of Jesus piece as well.  Still need to get that floss I ran out of!
And I am still working on the Blessing piece.  I decided the lettering was too light so I outlined it and am doing the backstitch lettering in grey.  It shows up in person better than in pictures!
And here is some of the pictures of Sylvia and Jack playing with her fishie on a string!
All that play requires a bit of a rest on the back of the sofa!
Thanks for visiting!  Huggles and blessings!


Sandra said...

Michelle :) I have just recently started reading through my blog and archives and I came upon comments from you back in 2006 and 2007. It made me want to come find you and see how you were doing, and am so glad you are still blogging too ;)

Beautiful pictures, I love stores like those. Your crochet is lovely, makes me want to tackle a runner too, but thread crochet scares me hahaha

Anyway, just wanted to come and say hi and see how you were doing.

Blessings to you and your husband,

janice15 said...

Michelle, your crocheted Rose Garland is just so pretty Roses are my favorite.. your kitty is somethin... Hugs have a wonderful Sunday I will be off to Church after I post .. hugs.. ty for stopping in. with love Janice

Barbara said...

Enjoyed seeing some of your neighbourhood. I imagine you are well settled now. Love the stitching of the Prince of Peace, etc.sampler.

Dee said...

Sorry I do not stop by as often as I would like to. I enjoy watching your needle work projects take shape. I guess I wish i had your needle talents....and stick to it work ethic. Your photo of the church is beautiful..You know how I love church photo's.