Sunday, November 30, 2014

Happy Sunday!

Well, here I am again!  Hope everyone is doing well!  We are preparing for a bit of freezing rain and sleet tomorrow.  No matter as we will stay inside!  Jack has been busy on the kittens.  He finished one towel already!
I worked on a shawl some and am finishing up the order of pot holders.  Still have ten angels to do but that doesn't take long at all.  The shawl is not really such a loud red.  Just my camera makes it look so!
 I managed to sneak in a little work on my Rose Sampler!  So close to being done!
So when Sylvia was tired of me taking her picture, she sat on my cross stitch.  Sure, I wanted a hairy project!
Just being the queen!

Thanks for visiting.  Huggles and blessings.


Eva patch said...

It´s so cute!!!

Bean said...

I love the towels Jack did, just lovely. And I just love your red sofa, and apparently so does Sylvia :)

Margaret said...

The kitty towel is so sweet! Love your crochet, and the stitching is beautiful. Sylvia is so coy! Lol!

PlainCatholic said...

Tis so good to see you resuming a normal activity pace, Michelle. We keep you both in prayers... and Her Royal Catness Sylvia too.

Lovely projects by the by. Your Holy Family set is quite sweet. Mayhap Jack can build a wee stable for them?

Maggie Ann said...

Jack's tea towels are darling! I love those kinds of must a lot of people, they often end up as collectors items at antique stores. Your rose sampler is beautiful. I wish I had your gumption? to finish things and make new t hings happen. My Mom could do that and it was always fun to see what she was making. Hope you have a nice week!