Monday, November 17, 2014

Long time no see!

Well hello!  Since last we talked it has sure gotten cold!  Right now just before five it is only 26 degrees.  But I like the cold!  We had sleet Saturday evening and a skiff of snow yesterday.

Jack finished up his rooster towel and it will be going off to its home soon.  Came out pretty I think.
I of course am still crocheting.  I am on the home stretch on a shawl and I had a little fun making a small heart and a little dishmop.

The other night, Sylvia Joy kept tapping Jack's shoulder.  So sweet!  She loves him even though she slaps him at times!

And she got her silly on!
And thought she was pretty funny stealing jack's spot on the couch!  He was lieing down to ease his legs and when he sat up for a bit, zoom!!!!!
Me, sleepy?
Thanks for visiting.  Blessings and huggles.


diamondc said...

Nice job Jack.
Your crocheting is lovely.
Love the kitty pics.


Maggie Ann said...

Your Sylvia Joy must be so much fun! My Mom had a cat we all had fun playing with. Every single thing you both make is so pretty. You are an inspiration to all of us crafters. It's turned quite cold here also. Just think how close to Christmas we are getting!

Dee said...

Beautiful job with the chicken towel Jack...The colors are perfect. I will put your money in the mail tomorrow. I have not been able to get out to the post office. Sylvia looks sassy..:)Love the photo of her touching Jacks shoulder...Parts of Michigan has a lot of snow but fortunately my area only has a light dusting. Have a nice weekend :)

Elizabeth said...

I have a cat that thinks he is the boss at our house! We have had frost the last 2 mornings, I love it, looks like snow !

rosey175 said...

We also had a dusting of snow on Sunday. I was hoping for a bit more but it was what it was. :) I suppose it's safer that way anyway.

Jack's rooster looks great! It's so bright and cheerful. :D And your crocheting is an inspiration~

Silly Sylvia. Our Oreo teleports to any chair we dare vacate for more than three seconds. Maybe it's a black-&-white kitty thing. :D

Dee said...

I received the rooster towel today....LOVE it...the colors are beautiful...Thank You Dee