Sunday, November 9, 2014

Popping in!

Well, with Jack's wolf done, he is now working on some rooster towels.
I am still working on angels.  I have 13 of an order of 20 done with another order of 6 angels and 6 snowflakes to do and an order for 2 shawls.  I also did several bracelets for an order.

Here is the first motif for one of the shawls.  It looks complicated but it isn't.
Oh and how about the beaver full moon this month?  Did you see it?  Here it is the first day.

However, I thought that it was prettier the second day.

And the trees and bushes are changing quite a bit.

Don't you love these two?  I hate seeing dogs riding in the back of a truck though.
And we mustn't forget Miss Sylvia Joy!
Thanks for visiting!  Huggles and blessings.


Margaret said...

You and Jack are multi-talented! Love Jack's rooster! Lovely crochet too! Sylvia is such a cutie!

Lumiruusu said...

Hello Michelle! Oh,You have been again so busy with our crocheting.The Angels look very pretty as well the braclets.I like the idea of crocheted bracelet -have never seen them before !!

Your DH.s Rooster towe looks amazing..You really are a creative couple !! Give some sweet talk to Sylvia she is o cute !!

rosey175 said...

Oooh Jack's rooster looks fun and colorful!

I found a couple of Leisure Arts books featuring these cute little angels but I haven't been brave enough to attempt them yet. I think I'm afraid of the tiny hooks!!

Dee said...

Love the look on those two dogs faces. They must have known they were having their photo taken.:) Sylvia joy looks to be bird watching :) I have a you think Jack would be interested in selling his rooster towel when finished? My daughter just started raising chickens and the towel would look cute in her kitchen...there would be no dead line for it...if he is interested in selling it just let me know how much he would sell it for. My email address is

Blessed Homemaking said...

Nice pics! The moon is beautiful. I love that you're always doing stitchery. I finally got to cross stitch again the other day. So nice! Oh, and I asked you a question on my blog where you last commented.

Rachel said...

The stitching and crocheting is lovely, as well as all your pictures! Thank you so much for sharing!:)