Saturday, December 6, 2014

Good day!

I got a lovely surprise in the mail today.  A chart I had admired and Jack got it for me!  It will take some time to do but I can not wait to start it!  It is from a company I have not heard of called Sunrays and Herrsschners had it.
I have made a lot of progress on finishing my Rose Sampler as well.  Finish up the border on the bottom and one more alphabet after I finish this one.

We also have begun the first of a few phases of rearranging the living room, moving the sofa into the corner.  Next will be taking the desk upstairs for my sewing and bringing down the dining table.  Then the tv stand will go up for storage and the lower part of the hutch will be used for the tv and the bookcase will be moved across the room.  it will take us time but we will get it.
Jack and I met some sweet kitties Wednesday.  First this one at Petsmart.
And these two at the Springdale Shelter.  They were oh so sweet and cuddly but the one Jack is holding had a streak of orneriness!  He tried to eat my headcovering, bit my finger and slapped Jack's ear!  I played with them while Jack fed cookies to the pooches!

And the best for last.  Sylvia Joy got a new bed for under the coffee table.  Next month she will get another for the bedroom.  Spoiled girl!  And here she is playing with a dog toy gotton for her canine cousins in PA.

Thanks for visiting!  huggles and blessings.


Margaret said...

Nice new chart! How nice of Jack to get it for you! Love that new bed for Sylvia -- what a great place for it too! Your couch looks great in its new position. Yikes on that cat at the shelter! Your stitching looks great!

rosey175 said...

Oh those little black ones! My husband and I like to visit shelters too and it's a little sad how many black cats are there. Superstitions run strong, I guess.

Good luck with your rearranging! It's fun to refresh once and a while. :D

Blessed Homemaking said...

Oooooh I love the new chart you got! Is it for cross-stitch? It is just so sweet! Love your adorable kitty. Maybe one day I will post pics of ours.

Thanks always for visiting!

Chava said...

Great photos! I want to take all the kitties home when we go to Petsmart :).

Maggie Ann said...

Your living room arrangement looks beautiful! Love your couch Michelle! Your new cross st. pattern is so it too.

Lumiruusu said...

Hello Michelle!

You and jack asa beautiful heart for visting the shelter andtaking care of the Dogs and kitties.You have done great work with the rose sampler and the new pattern You have choosen isjust adorable. especilly i like the head piece the little girl is wearing.

Excuse me to be curious but I wonder If you have a tradition to celebrate The Christmas in Your Chruch? Or maybe you have something special You would like to tell me about celebrating Christmas in your home?

Sylvias new bed looks cosy and she as cute as can be !!! With my best Greetings,Maija from Finlnad

Dee said...

The project you got from Jack in the mail is it. Sylvia is spoiled LOL with two beds♥ It will be hard for me not having a kitty...but Frank and I just can not take care of a pet any more. I will enjoy my visits with Sylvia. I like your couch in the corner, and I bet Sylvia will too.