Friday, February 19, 2016

All finished!

I got both capes finished. I forgot to take a picture of the blue one but here is mine with it's buttons.
Been playing with granny squares as well. Might as well use up some leftovers. The "blue" square is really a teal not blue but no one told the camera that!
And started another bookmark too.
And I am finished with the fourth of six pineapples on the tablecloth and just preparing to start the stem for the sixth as I finish up the fifth. That sounded confusing! LOL!
Here is the lamp I bought awhile back. I repainted it in a bit softer red. Jack put a shiney topcoat on then he rewired it and it is happily sitting now on my sewing desk.
Jack was tormenting Sylvia with her toys.
And as always, washing the acreage!
Thanks for visiting. Huggles and blessings.


Laura Lane said...

Congratulations on finishing your shawl.
It looks great.
We have a big tom cat that sits like that last picture, too.

I just bought some more cotton with a 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby. I'm going to make more dishcloths. It's a cheap way to keep my hands busy.


Lana said...

Lovely finishes!!

rosey175 said...

Your cape looks fabulous! That'd make a perfect Red Riding Hood outfit. :D Love the lampshade too, wow.

Sylvia looks so terribly tormented with all those toys haha.

Lynda said...

The cape is intricate! I'm doing granny squares crochet skills don't progress much past that :)) xx

Marlene jones said...

Your crochet work is just stunning. Love the red lamp.

Margaret said...

Your crochet is just lovely! Love what you did with that lamp too. Sylvia is so cute!