Tuesday, February 9, 2016

I could Just Cry!

Well, I found the source of my trouble with the border. It about makes me want to cry! There is an area on the bottom with only three stitches when it should be four. See it on the right?
Which means a whole bunch of tearing out. Everything on the right of it up to the middle.
Oh well, onto happier news. I am making good progress on my shawl.
And I finished the eyes on a hoot owl. I used a couple of my grandmother's old buttons.
And I did a little bookmark this morning. Need to finish in ends and add the fringe on one end.
I love the way this crochet thread looks on the spool. It will be another bookmark.
This little stinker stole my crochet hook and stuffed it between the cushions. Yes, it was on purpose, and everytime I tried to get it out I got a slap on my hand! Look at that ornery face!
And just being cute!
Thanks for visiting. Huggles and blessings.


rosey175 said...

o no, I hate when that happens. At least you've found the mistake. No chance of fudging around it?

And I just adore that bookmark. It'd also make beautiful trim on a hand towel. Is the pattern available online?

Mii Stitch said...

Oh no! Could it be a way of slightly changing the design instead of unpicking everything? Let's hope you can sort this out.

Marlene jones said...

Oh my goodness, such a simple error and so hard to find, so the frog is out, as for minnie minx Sylvia, that's what cats do and then they give you the look. Love your other projects.

Margaret said...

Sounds like Sylvia wanted your attention! lolol! Silly girl! I LOVE all your crochet projects! Beautiful! So sorry about the cross stitch. I so hate when that happens. I have definitely had such a catastrophe happen to me too. Ugh. Good luck getting it all fixed.

Mary said...

Little stinker is right, Sylvia is playing with you. She obviously views your needlework as competition for your attention. She is so funny. You can see the expression on her face speculating.

Nancy said...

This is why I don't craft. Even silly Sylvia wouldn't convince me to do something crafty.