Thursday, August 2, 2018

It's a mostly white crochet thing!

Well I went missing again! I was sick the whole of July and Jack is just getting over a cold. But enough of that and onto the fun stuff!
The cross doily is coming along well.
I also have a big pile of hearts. Just a few more of them to do!
Coming along on my top as well.

My Jack hung up a shelf for the Raggedy family last month.
These are the brackets he used. We got them at Hobby Lobby.
We ran out of peanuts last week and one of the squirrels was not happy about it! she was all over the window, jumping on the front door and making a pest of herself!

Mr. Cardinal enjoying peanuts Jack put out for him.
And lastly, me making a fashion statement! Not really but I have to wear it when I go out to protect me from smells that cause the sinus infections.
 Thanks for visiting. huggles and blessings.


Little Penpen said...

LOL on your fashion statement; but you gotta do what you gotta do! I hope it works for you. That squirrel is hilarious... a little spoiled brat. :-)) Your crochet work is gorgeous always.

Regina said...

I love your crocheting. It's very pretty. And actually your mask is very pretty too. Where was Sylvia today? Yesterday our neighbor's outdoor cat named Kitty Cat was at our front window peeking in looking for indoor cat Kirstie. He had never done that before. Kirstie likes to sit in the window and look at the birds, rabbits and other animals that go by. She doesn't seem to have a problem with the Kitty Cat being on our property though she would object I'm sure if he was invited in our house.😾

PlainCatholic said...

It's good to see Her Royal Catness again. I wonder that she didn't make the squirrel aware of her presence and scare him off.

Prayers for your sinus troubles. It's definitely something that will drag you down.

rosey175 said...

That's a lot of white crocheting! It will feel good to move onto colors I bet. Your mask looks like it's warm to wear but if it keeps the sinus infections at bay, well worth it!

What a spoiled little squirrel! I assume she eventually figured out there is a whole world of food out there that's not at your window?

Maggie Ann said...

Sorry to hear you were sick! Your crocheted shawl is gorgeous, you are amazing what all you accomplish and so beautifully too!