Friday, July 5, 2019

Better late than never!

Well, I did mean to post last week but life got in the way as usual! I had two teeth taken out the 21st which wasn't bad but the antibiotics really got to me. So here I am late but here! We had some terrible storms the 15th and 16th of June. We lost a few limbs Saturday night and whilst in church a horrible storm hit but we kept right on worshiping! It sounded as if the building would blow apart! When we were in fellowship after church that this had happened. The wind blew limbs into the fence around our home, flooded the yard and brought down a large oak behind the house and damaged a lot of the trees including a couple at the church across the street from us.

We also had some beautiful sunsets!

And Jack got me two early birthday presents. The little recliner is in the hobby room as I am sure you can tell. It is so comfy and just my size!
He also got me a Russian Orthodox cross I had been wanting.
This week we were able to finally buy some decent living room furniture and get rid of the old sofa. This new set sits up a bit higher making it easier for Jack to get up and down yet I am also still comfy! Sylvia Joy has claimed her favorite spot! Both pieces were in the clearance area and we got them both for the price of the sofa had it not been on sale.

Jack also hung my curtains for me in the dining room. Next is the big window in the living room and the downstairs windows will all have their curtains. And we got colors approved for the inside so we are preparing to paint!
As for crocheting, I am working on a cross tabletopper in cream for someone.
And about to finish up angels for someone else. I also am doing an afghan but she wants it to be a secret and even she does not want to know the pattern until finished so that must wait!
As always, Sylvia is loving her naps!
So thanks for visiting. huggles and blessings.


Mary said...

I am so happy to see your post, I know how rough antibiotics can be on the system I had just finished a course of them last week. I hope your mouth is feeling better and that Jack is better as well. Sorry about the storms, and that tree looks almost uprooted. As always Sylvia looks like the queen of her castle, always content and happy.

rosey175 said...

Oh my, crazy storms! It's been pretty bad this way too but luckily the trees have held on to the ground (their branches, maybe not so much). Your new living room set looks very nice (love the color!). Have fun with all the painting. I like to paint! :D

Pen Wilcock said...

Your home is looking lovely! I hope you're soon feeling better from all the problems with antibiotics and teeth. That storm you had sounds terrifying. Glad you all stayed safe. x

Regina said...

That storm sounded so scary and the pictures are breathtaking! I hope by the time you read this your mouth will have healed up. As always it's fun to see your projects and Sylvia!

Maggie Ann said...

I am sorry to hear about your teeth extractions. I had one pulled right after Mothers Day and its still not 100% healed. Longish story. Love your new furniture and how lovely to get such a bargain. And that huge tree coming God is so powerful! Glad your home was not damaged.

PlainCatholic said...

Looks as though Sylvia has claimed the spot next to the fireplace. We had to move our furniture at least 5 feet from the fireplace because the heat was damaging our sofa. Glad to know you are safe after those storms. We miss your headcovering photos. They were lovely.

Margaret said...

That looks like a scary storm indeed! Glad you all were safe through it all. Lovely to have new furniture to enjoy! I know the problem of finding a chair that actually fits you. Your crochet work is lovely as always. Mia says hi to Sylvia! Happy birthday!

Little Penpen said...

How am I just seeing this??? Happy Belated birthday! I love your new chair and love your new furniture! The cross your hubby gave you is BEAUTIFUL!