Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Word-filled Wednesday

Here is our verse and picture for today! I apologize that the words are a bit hard to read but I hope it blesses you anyway.


  1. I enjoy these type pictures...the verse is nice too! :)

  2. Hi Michelle, I'm Nancze from Sisters with Heart. I do counted cross stitch too, but mostly crochet. I just found your blog and enjoyed the visit very much. I have what cross stitch I have done post at webshots. It's so nice to visit a fellow stitcher. Do your piece take you awhile to do? I am rather slow and a cross stitch piece usually takes me awhile to complete. ~hugs~

  3. Happy 27th Anniversary to you both ! May this be one of the happiest one that you've shared. I like your egg custard paint. I am sure that it did brighten up the hallway. Thanks for your visit and nice comments about my posts. May you have a cool and restful night.

  4. Michelle, That was so good. Thank. connie from Texas


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