Saturday, June 30, 2007

Water, water everywhere!

We have just been deluged with rain lately. It has been raining almost steady for 2 days. This is north of town at highways 54 and 69 looking south towards town.
This is 54 and 69 highways in town not to far north and west of us.
This is 3rd street and 69 highway just a few blocks down the hill from us.
This is the marmaton river well over it's bank. it is expected to be 40 feet above normal by tonight.
North of town. The people were taking things from their house. I wouldn't live there for all the money in the world!
From highway 54 at 69 looking towards town.
Here are the people saving what they can.
Just a note on us. We are looking at a house tomorrow in my hometown a short distance away. The landlord made some very mean remarks and comments yesterday and we have had enough! He put tarps on the roof which slowed the leaks. We also have new leaks in the kitchen and back bedroom. We can't even turn on the bathroom light as it is leaking water through it. Thanks to a very dear friend who is loaning us 300 dollars, a move is possible with the right house. I know the house and the folks who own it so we have high hopes. It is 2oo dollars less than this place and Jack will have a workshop to putter in. We also have another house we can look at that is about the same price. So keep us in your prayers!


PEA said...

Oh dear, look at all that water...I've heard on our news about the flooding going on around you. Please stay safe!!! I don't blame you at all for wanting to move, you've had more problems than you should have in that house. The very best of luck to you on getting that other house!!! xoxo

Sue "Sioux" Seibert said...

You are definitely in our prayers. I surely hope the house works out for you. Your flood looks a lot like ours...all that muddy water!

Suzanne said...

Hope things work out for another house! Will be praying for you! Hope the rain lets up soon! Suz

JOT said...

I will pray that you get the house you would like and that things improve for you!

Sharon said...

That is a huge amount of water. I hate that things aren't working out where you are. I will pray that this other house comes through for you!

"Early Bird" said...

I know has nasty landlords can be, I pray you get one as nice as the couple we rent from!
I hope your weather gets better soon, that has to be such a stress on everyone!

Lana said...

I'm so glad I'm buying my house!!! No landlord to mess with! Unless you count the city who likes to send out notices when the weeds get as tall as I am! Which is ok. With the weather the way it is, I don't know when they expected us to mow it! Yes, alternating rain and sun means Growth! If anyone has a few pet cows in places that have no rain right now, send them my way I have plenty of food for them in my backyard!
I am definitely praying for you, dear!

xsquared said...

Oh my goodness! My town had flooding a few months ago, and I know the devastation is can cause - I pray everyone in your town is OK! And good luck with the new apartment - life is too short for mean landlords!

Susie said...

Look at all that rain! My prayers are with you that this new home works out for the two of you. You've had more problems here than anyone should have to deal with.

groovyoldlady said...

I thought we had lived in the only "house from Hell" with a landlord from outer space. Those were such stressful times!

I'm so sorry yours is not doing right by you, I was really hoping he'd make good on his word and do the needed repairs.

Sigh. I feel a GREAT DEAL of empathy for you right now!


Meari said...

WOW! That is a LOT of water!!

Vicki said...

Wow, that's a lot of water! Glad you were able to get another place.