Thursday, June 14, 2007

Lots to visit about!

Yippee, yahoo! The new Jeremiah Junction is here! Happy, happy dance! I want to do the cover project. I just love it. Okay, now that I have had my happy dance, on we go!
This picture was to good to pass up. They are working on the neighbors house. Doesn't it look like one VERY tall person on a ladder? Actually there are two ladders and two people! It cracked me up!
Stitchy News! Here is my sampler. I am just zooming along! Right now I am working on the lower part making a tree. It looks more like a stick right now.
Here is my fun heart one. Part of a heart anyway. I haven't felt like working much on this one.
And here is middy. I just about have her gown done. And guess what? I lost the metallic thread for her wings so now I have to buy some. I think a thread gnome snuck in and took it!
Here is Jack's baby quilt. He is working on the bears foot and hand and a little chair or something next to him. So cute!
Note to BY THE GRACE OF GOD: please send me a comment with your blog address. I can't seem to find yours.
And one last bit of news. The landlord put a permenant sump pump in so no more flooded basement! He also fixed the hole in the garage roof and as soon as the danger of all this rain is past, we will get a new roof on the house. They are hoping for next week. The landlord put a bunch of roof cement on there to try and slow or stop the leaks until the roof is replaced. It was bad Sunday! Even had a leak coming in through the bathroom light and had to move our antique vanity that is in the bedroom to keep it from being damaged. Not ashamed to admit Sunday brought me to tears!


PEA said...

I was going to say you sure grow them tall over there! lol That picture really is funny!!! Glad to see that you're really enjoying your cross stitching:-) Hopefully the new roof will be installed sooner than later...I can just imagine how upset you were when it rained the last time! You take care xoxox

Susie said...

Hi Michelle,
So glad that the landlord has installed the pump for you! Your needlework is beautiful as usual. How is little Katie?

JOT said...

Great photo and lovely stitching! Sorry to hear about your problems, I hope your landlord gets everything sorted quickly! {{{Hugs}}}

By the grace of God ... said...

Wow, you are making lots of progress! They are beautiful.

My blog address is:

Vonna said...

Wow your WIPs are just gorgeous Michelle! I love them all :) And Jack had been working right along on his baby quilt! WOW!
So sorry your house has had it's share of problems of late....but it does sound as if the landlord is getting them fixed up. Much love to you! Have a great weekend!

Meari said...

What a funny pic - The guys on the ladders. :) All your projects look great!

Lana said...

Wonderful progress on all your projects! And I like the Jeremiah juncion piece! Very nice!


Lana said...

Wonderful progress on all your projects! And I like the Jeremiah juncion piece! Very nice!


"Early Bird" said...

That is a cute picture of the guys on the ladder!
It never fails after I've visited you I get the urge to go do some embroidery!

Penless Thoughts said...

Nichelle - So glad you share your beautiful work with us :o)

Glad the landlord is stepping up to the plate and taking care of things. He should!!

Morning Glory said...

All of your stitchery projects are really, really pretty.


The two men standing on the two ladders was so funny and looked so odd.

The pieces you all are working on are beautiful as usual.

I am so sorry about you very bad Sunday. I hate leaks in the roof. It always ruins our sheetrock on the inside also and we have to replace that too, I am glad your is going to be taken care of soon. I hope this Sunday brings you many smiles and much happiness. Best wishes here from connie from Texas

DaisyGirl said...

Hi Michelle,
Thank goodness that the landlord is fixing things for you! When we were younger and rented, our landlord hated to fix anything! Your blessed! Don't worry about the rr! Drop in anytime to see the progress once we get going! I have 5 right now. One more and we are good to go!

Sioux said...

As always, I love yours and Jack's beautiful needle work. Glad you got the sump pump. I know it will make a great difference.

Greg said...

I do the Happy Dance when my Stoney Creek Magazine arrives! YAY!

The guy on the latter is just too funny!

All your stitching is FANTASTIC!!

Dawn said...

What a busy stitcher you are. I used to do a lot of stitchery, too, but I only did one project at a time. My eyes and my tendons don't let me do it any more. Sad. I am going to do a piece soon on all the "I Used To. . . " in my life.

Sharon said...

Your wip's are just moving along. They look great! Glad you are getting all your house stuff taken care of.

coonie said...

The first picture is so funny!

Great progress on your projects. You should stitch a Shepherd's Bush design some day, you'll see they are easy and fast to stitch :)

groovyoldlady said...

Our church is located in an OLD Hoyt's cinema buillding. You wanna talk about leaks? Sheesh!

I'm SO glad your landlord is truly trying to rectify the situation. He sounds much better than the one we had when we first came to Maine. The kitchen drain was slow - REALLY slow. Instead of calling a plumber he sent his brother over to REMOVE THE ENTIRE DRAIN PIPE. I had to do dishes in the bathtub for three weeks. NOT fun.

Then there was time that the upstairs neighbor's tilet overflowed and soaked the ceiling tiles in our bedroom so that they collapsed onto our bed WHILE WE WERE NAPPING.

And I'll never forget the time we ran out of heating oil (supposedly included in the rent) and couldn't get any more delivered because our landlord hadn't paid for the last three deliveries!

Ah, such fun memories.