Friday, June 22, 2007

Let's have a visit!

I have lots to share with you! The morning glories are blooming! I just love the colors!
Jack teases me about herding my morning glories. LOL! I am just trying to get them to go where I want them to go! So there I am saying, "Let go of that other flower! Climb ALL the way up the string and quit grabbing your neighbor. No, not THAT way, I want you to go THIS way. Could you please just hold on to the railing!" Hee, Hee, so now it is confirmed that I am not all here mentally.
Okay, a couple funny pics of Katie doing what she does best--sleeping!

At last my progress report. I was almost done with my tree when I took this pic this morning. now he is done and on to the house! That will put me close to the halfway point once I finish the house! Yippee!
I am making this doily for my neighbor. She provided the thread and I get the pleasure of crocheting with it! She doesn't know how to crochet with the thread so I am happy to do it.
My afghan is coming along. Funny how that dark purple looks more blue when I take a photo of it. The actually colors are off white, pink and dark purple. I am almost to the end of the bottom and will start working up the side soon. These type of afghans are not worked side to side but diagonally so it takes a bit of getting used to plus this pattern has a LOT of color changes. it is slow going most of the time.

So there you have it. All the news thats fit to print around here. I will be visiting you guys in a little bit!


Morning Glory said...

That's funny about herding the morning glories! It sure is a pretty one in the picture.

Greg said...

Katie is just like my two. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz Such is a dogs life!

PEA said...

Now I don't feel so bad that I talk to my Clematis like that and tell the vines where to place themselves! lol Such adorable pictures of Katie...what a life! hehe All your projects are so beautiful...I wish I knew how to do all that type of needlework!!Have a wonderful weekend my friend:-) xox

Penless Thoughts said...

What a pretty and different afghan. I love the red, white & blue! My mother use to have morning glories and I loved them. We've never planted any.

Susie said...

You have been one busy lady and I can tell that Katie has been a real big help too ;)
(of course a girl does need her rest doesn't she!)

Vonna said...

That Katie is a cutie :)
You've been mighty busy Michelle :)
It all is beautiful! How nice to treat your neighbor to a lovely surprise!

Renee said...

Dear Michelle. I may say that the great joy of this saturday afternoon is to discover your blog and to browse through it. I like what you do. I'm a French Christian woman whose blog is written bot in English and French :
I mostly use my crafts to let people know the Bible. Recently I launched a little enterprise to be able to organize exhibitions with cross stitched pannel about the Bible, and other items too, and to organize workshops, in churches for instance, as a way of letting new people coming in touch with churches. I also sell a few items dedicated to cross stitch and the Christian faith as you can see on the blog of the enterprise called the Workshp of the Dove
I wish you a very blessed Sunday and I'll come and visit your blog again.

"Early Bird" said...

Just popped in to say Hi and to catch up with ya!
You know I've noticed that some of my Red Hat friends have a dark purple on that always shows as a blue in must be a predominate color in the dye do you think?
You do such awesome work!

Sue "Sioux" Seibert said...

I wish I had planted morning glories. That is really lovely. I also feel the need to's been quite a white. I love the doily and the well as the cross stitch. You are so talented!

Gran - (Angela) said...

You are a very gifted and talented lady. All of your projects are beautiful. I can tell that Katie love to take naps. I have a tabby cat Rocky, and that's the way he is when it is time for us to do any type of work. : )

Have a wonderful new week !

JOT said...

Lovely photos! I love all your craft projects, you are so talented!

groovyoldlady said...

Oh dear, I talk to my plants too.

I remember when I was working on this monstrous latch-hook for my mother. It required over 12,000 stitches. UGH! I posted the stitch count on my blog almost every day.

Meari said...

I do the same thing with my climbing vines. I want them to cover the whole area, not just one spot. I'm jealous... Mine are barely out of the ground, let alone blooming.