Monday, August 13, 2007

Stitching and Katie

I pulled out a needlepoint canvas Monday. It was one I bought for a couple dollars when Hobby Lobby was getting rid of a lot of their needlework. I am using 6 strands of DMC floss on it. Gotta finish the pail, the border and the background. Plus I ran out of one shade of green for the leaves. Sot there ya have it.
A little progress on my heart. That metallic floss gets to me after awhile so I put it down for a bit.
Look how Katie decided to eat her doggie cookies. Stood up on the chair and was munching away! Sometimes she is so lazy she eats them while she is laying down!
Needed a nap after that snack! I think she is winking and sending love to everyone!


  1. Michelle, I just read your sweet comment. Thank you!!! We are sisters!!! Sisters in the Lord and that's the very best kind. Love the neddle point, as usual :o)
    Have a great day.

  2. That needlepoint canvas is just fabulous. Katie is adorable as usual.

  3. Hi Michelle! I really like that needlepoint! Thanks for the comments!

  4. Oh and Katie is so cute with her cookies. We had a dog who also laid down to eat hers. I'll have to come back and look for more Katie pictures when I have a little more time.

  5. Winking back at Katie!! hehe Your needlepoint projects are going so well, I always look forward to seeing what masterpiece you're creating:-) Thank you so much for your kind words of sympathy on the death of my SIL. You don't know how much it means to me to know you're all here for me!! xox

  6. Wow that needlepoint canvas is gorgeous!
    And that Katie...what a stinker! LOL!

  7. I love the beautiful needlepoint projects and that Katie is so precious...especially as she is winking.

    Thanks for your visit and kind and loving words. You are a Dear!

  8. Thanks for sending me the hug! I just love your dog! She looks so laid back. what a sweetie! Your needlepoint looks great!

  9. I love the pix of the dachsie, because that is our favorite dog ever.

    Thanks so much for your prayers and concern. I haven't forgotten my award from you, and will be acknowledging it publicly when I get back to a bit of normalcy.

  10. I agree Katie seems to be winking. Love your needlepoint Michelle :)

  11. Michelle your needlepoint is fantastic! I don't know how to do it but maybe someday. Katie sure is a sweetie just like my two.


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