Monday, September 3, 2007

Welcome and come on in!

Come on in and set a spell! Have a banana nut muffin and some blueberry tea and we will chat a bit. Got a nice size bag of ripe bananas for a whopping 39 cents so seemed like a good time to make muffins!
Here is Katie this morning surveying her kingdom. She was watching the little dogs across the street and keeping a close eye out on a squirrel!
Caught Jack puttering in his shed/workshop. I am surprised it came out good enough that you can see him fairly clear!
Progress on Jack's baby quilt! Looking good!
Here is a close up of the bears face. I think he is a cute little begger!
That's all I have! A quiet weekend in Missouri! Huggles until next time!


  1. Michelle, you are so talented! That quilt you are making is lovely.

  2. Happy Labour Day to you and yours, dear Michelle:-) Oooh banana nut muffin...don't mind if I do! hehe Yummmm! Glad to see that Katie is such a good guard dog! LOL Wow, that baby quilt that Jack is working on is just the colours! May I have another muffin please?? :-) xoxo

  3. Mmm, the muffins look yummy! I love banana nut. Jack's quilt looks great.

  4. Quiet weekends are such a comfort if you ask me. I'm feeling a tiny bit better, rested most of my weekend. Katie looks like a perfect watch dog! My John goes to his workshop is putter also.
    Have a great week.

  5. Absolutely amazing quilt cross stitch work!! Wow, I'm so impressed with the talents of the likes of you and being able to make just a great work of art.

    Thanks for the muffin....and thanks for the visit over the weekend.

    Happy Monday.

  6. that is a lovely quilt! great job on it so far!

  7. We had a quiet weekend, too. Love Jack's quilt. It is precious. The other photos are great, too! Did we catch the squirrel?? Our Sadie used to love to catch a squirrel!

  8. Those muffins look soooooo good! And the tea sounds lovely!!
    I'm just amazed at the work ya'll put into your embroidery!! Such detail!!

  9. Amazing work on the quilt!! I love banana nut muffins! YUM!! Have never tried blueberry tea though, but it sounds wonderful. Your little dog is so precious:~D

  10. OMG those muffins look so yummy!!

    Your quilt is coming along neciely. :)

    And Katie, well what can I say that you have heard a zillion times before? ;-) She's a keeper!

  11. How lovely! Jack is really doing an amazing job!
    Katie's obviously doing a shepherd's job here!
    HUgs to you two AND Katie!


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