Sunday, October 14, 2007

Blessed Sunday!

With it getting colder I thought I better make myself a nice warm hat! this one was so quick I did it in one day and it was easy. i love the ear flaps for those chilly winter walks!
Been crocheting some little bitty hearts. They don't take long to do. Then I took some jiffy yarn by lion brand, threaded it through and tied a bow. All it needs now is a string to hang it with! I plan to use them on a new Christmas wreath along with a cross stitch angel and some crochet snowflakes along with other stuff.
This is one of those pieces that even though you did something that didn't quite turn out right you still love it. I did this back in the early 90's. I realized once I was done the alphabet and letters were way to light against the fabric but I decided to just leave it and put it in the hoop.

So that is my Sunday except for a funny story on Katie. Our girl had quite a nice time while we were at church. She got into her food and had a little brunch while we were gone. You should see her tummy! It is bulging and gurgly. I only hope we don't end up having a CODE BROWN situation if you know what I mean! No snacks or supper for her! She has never done that before and she won't get a chance to again either I tell you!


  1. Hi Michelle,
    Love your hat! It will keep your ears nice and toasty in the chilly weather. Those little hearts are too cute..
    Katie's story made me smile as Vincent jumped on the counter Friday and helped himself to some meat we had defrosting. (and yes I certainly do know about "code brown") Hopefully her tummy won't be too upset!

  2. What a great hat! I used to have some great wooly hats when I was living down south,here in the tropics there isn't much need for them! LOL

  3. I like that hat! The cross-stitching is pretty, too.

  4. You head scarf is ears get so cold here in Ohio wintertime that I like to keep a hat or two or have a hood on my jacket.

    Those wee hearts are so small and delicate are one talented lady!

    As for Katie...LOL...sorry it is kind of funny but I hope she did not get sick...

    Have a great day!

  5. Oh I love that hat. Do you share patterns. I have been crocheting away the last few days. It has been so chilly here. Katie is just adorable and what a cute story.

    Hugs to you!!

  6. Love your hat and the hearts were a real blessing so sweet and small. Poor Katie getting all her food at once she is going to find does not pay Cute story. connie from Texas

  7. The hat looks cute and I love the small heart :o)

  8. the smal are so industrious..

  9. So sweet! I too, have a crocheted covering to wear under my Wenger bonnet. Tis necessary to keep my ears warm in winter!

  10. Love the ear warming hat! You can never go wrong with hearts:~D Hope poor Katie didn't suffer too much! Have a wonderful day:~)

  11. Hope Katie has "recovered" from her buffet brunch. :) Silly doggie...


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