Friday, October 26, 2007


LOL! Funny title isn't it? I started a new project last night.
Here he is! Isn't he cute? I am going to make it into a wreath though. Plan on using real buttons for his shirt and overalls and a few other little embellishments.
Funtime Heart is done! Yippee!!!! Don't care to do another, at least not with ALL mettalic threads. Like to drove me crazier than I am all ready!
Nearly done with my sampler as well. I didn't crop the picture this time so you get an idea of how big a piece it is. It is a struggle to get it all to show up in one picture!
Found a doilly I had done sometime. Cute little thing! See what happens when you clean out something? Find all kind of surprises! I found more yarn and thread too. Just what I needed! LOL! I think I may be addicted to yarn and thread!

Now for the best part! Kathleen gave me this precious award! I will be passing it on to Susan at Penless Writer, Susie at Susie's place, Groovy!, Greg at Shy guy Ramblings, and Becky at Becky Bee's


T*mmy said...

You are one sweet lady so I can see why you got this award!

Congratulations to you and to those that you chose!

Have a wonderful day!

PEA said...

I just love seeing the projects you're working on...that Autumn one is just precious!! Congratulations on the Sweet Treat certainly are a sweet person:-) xoxo

Susie said...

You always have the cutest projects that you're working on or have finished. I am just in awe of how much you accomplish.
It's no wonder you were awarded this Sweet Treat Award!
I can't thank you enough for passing it on to me!

Daughter of the King said...

Congratulations on your award..he is a cutie...and yes your blog and you and yours are sweet...
love your projects...

Anonymous said...

The projects are looking good. I love the heart!

Well done on another award! You are sweet so it suits!!


Angela said...

I love it when you share your projects with us. You are a natural in stitching designs. Your work is so beautiful.

Congratulations on the Sweet Treat to Read are definitely a Sweet Treat to all of your readers. We Love you !!!


Vonna said...

Such a beautiful, cute, bunch of WIP's Michelle! Super work and such a happy post! Have a great weekend!

lena-lou said...

You have so many great projects to see on your blog everytime I visit :)) The little scarecrow is so sweet, I love him.
Congratulations on your award you deserve one and your blog is a treat indeed :-))

Take care and have a nice weekend Michelle.

Dawn said...

I am so thankful for you that your hands and eyes are able to do so much needlework. I used to, but can't seem to any more. Wonderful projects!

Congrats on your award. Somebody gave it to me awhile ago, and I am so embarrassed that I can't remember who (besides Angela).

Penless Thoughts said...

Thank you so much Michelle :o) With ALL that is going on with David's return I will not blog about it or pass it on but I proudly display it on my sidebar. You are so sweet and kind.

groovyoldlady said...


Thank you, darlin'.

Hmmm...doilies. Wasn't somebody, somewhere s'posed to be sending ME a doily? Was it you, or someone else? I lose track...

Anne Bradshaw said...

What beautiful work. So glad I found this blog today. You are so talented.

Sharon said...

What a neat award! Congrats. love the wip's. Great progess on the sampler!

Meari said...

The scarecrow is really cute. Can't wait to see your wreath. :)