Sunday, October 7, 2007

The spirit of Christmas award

This is for all those loving people who always have a kind word, a loving thought and care about others. So I am awarding the following people:
Morning Glory
Please visit here to get the proper code and pass on this award to others. And thank you Angela for thinking of me! I could easily have put all the blogs I read as you are all great! Some don't really want these awards as they are very humble folks so I tried to respect that. Please know that if I read your blog, you are deserving of this award also and I love you!


PEA said...

Well you sure know how to surprise a gal and bring tears to her eyes:-) Thank you so much Michelle, this truly means so much to me..I truly love and care so much for all my blogging buddies. I really don't know what I'd do without all of you!! Congratulations for receiving this award yourself, so very much deserved!! Love ya! xoxo

Tammy J said...

You are such a sweetie...I can see why you were awarded!!

I am honored that you chose me...thank you very much!

Love & Hugs!

thefrogpryncess said...

thank you!

Lana said...

Michelle! Thank you so much for such a lovely award:~D You just made my day:~)

Kathleen Marie said...

You picked wonderful blogs! How sweet! You are so deserving yourself!

God Bless!

Dawn said...

Thank you so much for this lovely award! I will definitely be acknowledging it on my next post, after the one for Woman to Woman that I just did for tomorrow. Thanks again!!

Channon said...

Thanks for your kind post about our Fred.

Mary certainly deserves that award too! ;)

Morning Glory said...

Thank you, Michelle, for such a lovely award! And congratulations to you -- you deserve it very much.