Thursday, October 18, 2007

Our week

Isn't this adorable? I won it from my sweet friend Angela. I have it sitting here by my computer so i can enjoy it while I am in here. I need to find my tealight candles so I can REALLY enjoy it!
Someone asked what we do with all the things we cross stitch. Well, we do give away quite a bit of it but that still leaves a lot. Some have been made into small pillows and are in a basket and more will be done. Some have been framed, some made into larger pillows. But with nearly 30 years of cross stitch things for me and nearly 20 years for Jack, we would never have room to finish and display all of it. So a lot of it is stored safely so that we can look at and enjoy it. Sometimes someone comes along that a project is perfect for and it will get finished up and rehomed. So I hope that answers your question.
I wanted to share pictures of a couple of my mom's aprons that she wore. I always remember her in the kitchen wearing one of her many aprons. These are the only two that still survive. Mom passed away in 1969 when I was nine so these are fairly old. You can't tell it by the picture but they are so TINY! Mom was fairly tall and very slender. I still have some of her clothing and it looks like kids clothing it is so small. Now how did I end up so short and chubby with two tall parents? Go figure! LOL!

I am getting ready to redo my Christmas wreath. I crocheted 6 different snowflakes to go on it. I will put different Christmas type floral picks on it too and one of my crochet hearts.
Then I will cross stitch this angel and she will be in the center of the wreath. Sorry the pic is kinda fuzzy. I have a couple more elements in mind too and will make a bow most likely with my bow-dab-ra. Still in the planning stages and I doubt I will have the angel done for this years Christmas but we will see!
So that is what I have been up to this week! We had a wild night with the weather last night. Lots of thunderstorms and some tornados around the area. Pray for the people here that lost homes or had property damage. As far as I know there were no injuries here in our neck of the woods. See you soon and have a blessed weekend!


AnneS said...

My Mum always wears her apron too - she's never managed to pass on that trait to me, I'm always scruffy when I cook haha - I'll always remember my Mum when I see apron too :)

Mary Ann said...

Such a lovely remembrance of your mom! And, your planned Christmas wreath sounds fantastic--can't wait to see it!!

thefrogpryncess said...

those aprons are precious! I love my aprons. They sure help me not get my clothes all messy.

Dawn said...

I have been hearing about the storms down there.

Love the apron pictures - I used to have a lot, but very few are worn are even around any more, are they?

Can't wait to see your wreath. You are so busy with your stitchery - glad your eyes and fingers cooperate!

Have a blessed week-end.

Lana said...

So glad to hear you didn't get any storm damage! Your wreath sounds like a beauty. It's nice that you have those remembrances of your mom. My grandma who raised me used to wear aprons too then they kind of fell out of fashion for her. I really like the look of them, but don't wear one either. It's wonderful that you and your husband have such a beautiful hobby to share:~D Have a wonderful weekend!

Susie said...

Hi Michelle,
I wondered what you did with all your cross stitch..
You must really cherish those aprons as such sweet reminders of your Mom.
I always wear an apron, but they're not nearly as cute and little as your Mom's
Your Christmas wreath sounds beautiful.
Glad to hear you didn't suffer any damage from the storms.

T*mmy said...

I'm so glad you reminded me...I won something at Angela's too and I need to display it!

Bad weather in my daughter's area of KY last night too...a tornado hit her husbands factory and it was a huge mess...he was called out for the clean-up. Thankfully she and her Church family were safe in the basement of their nearby Church!

Have a great day!

groovyoldlady said...

I am avowed apron lover too. I have a fairly plain one now, but I'd love to use some of the winter darkness to fancy one up a bit...

PEA said...

How wonderful that you still have some of your mom's old aprons...I remember my mom always wearing one when she was cooking but she never thought to keep any! I don't wear aprons but maybe I should start...sometimes I can be a very messy cook! lol Your Christmas wreath will look so beautiful, can't wait to see it all done up:-) We've been having those heavy winds and rain also, scary!! xox

Christine said...

Hi! Sorry I haven't visited in awhile, you certainly have been busy! Everything looks great, & I sure am wishing my oven was working right now as you recipe looks yummy!

DaisyGirl said...

So glad you all are alright! Wish we had some of the rain though, we are in such a drought here in GA, our water is starting to taste funny. Have a great weekend!

Penless Thoughts said...

So wonderful you have those 3 older aprons of your mothers. WOW!
Will be eager to see the Christmas wreath. It sounds lovely.

Congrats on your lovely new gift. So cute!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog. You are now added to my blog roll.What a cute gift from a sweet friend.
Those aprons are adorable and it is so neat you keep her memory alive. Your Christmas Wreath is going to be gorgeous when completed. Glad you survived the storms and I will keep those effected in my thoughts and prayers.


My Mother always wore an apron all day long. I sure wish I still had one of her old aprons. Boy, you are so blest that you do. I hope you have a wonderfully happy week. connie from Texas

Julianne said...

Hi Michelle,

Your angel is just beautiful. I'm glad that you didn't have any damage from the storm. Have a wonderful weekend.