Monday, October 22, 2007

What a difference a day makes!

This weekend was windy and in the low 80's allowing for a lot of time sitting outside. That is if you didn't mind your head about getting blown off! LOL! I found this pretty leaf. It looks like it has been watercolored. Can you see the red and yellow that looks like drops of paint? I love it! Then today the temps have been dropping steadily into the low 40's with rain and wind. Made for a cold walk with Katie! We both had our coats on!
Here is the progress on my needlepoint. The pail and flowers are completely done and a good portion of the border. I have some black on the border to do and a lot of white. And then all the background behind the pail is white. I think I better go buy more white floss!
My funtime heart is nearly stitched. Just a few more stitches to do. They call for the heart to be outlined but I am not going to. I like the subtle, soft look of it as it is thank you very much. Then it will be on to finishing it. Some sort of fun fabric framing with a bit of ribbon I think.
Katie says hello! She has been in the chair under her blankie most of this chilly day.
Here is another picture of her napping away!
I caught Jack and Katie snoozing on the sofa yesterday! LOL! What a pair. I wasn't going to post this but Jack said he didn't mind! So that is how we will end it for today! God bless and keep you all!
Oh I nearly forgot something! Today was a good mail day! i got a little surprise from a sweet new friend. She sent me a head covering, a nice little note and a picture of her dear family. I feel so honored and thankful that she loves me enough to think of me!


Kathleen Marie said...

Love that last photo. So cute! I think your Katie is a bit spoiled!

Love all your beautiful work. So impressive!!

Be sure and stop by. I have a little award for you ☺


Mrs. Mobunny of Rabbit Trails said...

I love leaves also. I think it is neat when ONE tree has all different 'falling' leaves. One might be red, one might be yellow and the next one might just turn brown, curl up and die!

Sue @ praise & coffee said...

Beautiful work!

I love fall too,

Dawn said...

We had that kind of week-end also. *0 on Saturday, 39 and snow on Sunday. Barb and I got together - check out our pictures.

Dawn said...

Me again - I forgot to say ho wmuch I love the pictures of Katie - reminds me so much of our dear departed Fritzie!

Anonymous said...

The leaf is very pretty. It does look like it had been watercolored. Here in California we could use the cooler weather and less wind. Does not look this will happen for a while. Your needlepoint is looking gorgeous. Your fun time heart is so cute. Your Katie is just the sweetest looking dog. Thanks for sharing.

groovyoldlady said...

That needlepoint is Gorgeous!

Love the pic of daddy and his doggie. :-)

PEA said...

We also had these winds here and I thought for sure the roof was going to fly off there for a while! And good thing I don't have a hundred dollar hairdo! lol Such a beautiful leaf you found, it does indeed look lit it's been watercolored:-) Your stitching projects are always so beautiful and love the pictures of Katie!! xox

Sharon said...

Michelle, I love that needlepoint piece-very pretty. The heart is very subtle and pretty too. Looks like Katie has the right idea-stay warm! LOL

Lana said...

I marvel at God's handiworks too! Love the colors on your handiworks and Katie is sure a cutie:~D Stay warm!

Lucy said...

I think I want to be a dog in my next life!!!! Katie looks so comfy cozy!

Lili said...

LOL! They are too cute!
Love the heart and posy too!
Thanks for your kind words and support, Michelle. If there were a prize for kindness, so would you win it...
Take care!

T*mmy said...

It is 50º here and rained all last night and all today...I can't help wishing the folks in CA could have some of it to help with those awful wildfires!

The leaf is very pretty and unusual!

Your place looks so comfy cozy, no wonder they took a nice snooze!

Have a great day!

Meari said...

Sounds like your weather is a lot like mine. Fabulous then cold/rainy. Now, today it's a sunny fall day. Great pics of Katie (and Jack). Your project looks nice. :)

Mary Ann said...

Oh, lots of great pictures in this post. Wonderful stitching progress and Katie sure is a cute one!!

Sharon said...

Hello Michelle!
I found you through Deby's blog, Apples of Gold. I really enjoy your blog and will return to read more. Your Katie is so precious! I love the pictures of her. We are dog lovers here, too.

I also enjoyed looking at your needle work and crocheting. I like to do so many different things, I sometimes have many projects going on at once. Cross-stitch, crocheting, knitting, etc... :-)

Please stop by and visit me sometime!

PlainCatholic said...

May God bless you with your new headcovering! The needlepoint is stellar; you have such a gift in that skill.

Jack and Katie have cued from our animals as well; with the chill and rain they have all gone to ground to hibernate, whether tis under a blanket or in their dog and cat houses. Not a furball is stirring.