Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Word-filled Wednesday

Lord help me to always be humble and just and merciful! Some days it comes so easy and others it is a battle against my willful human self! May you be blessed! Come and join us for word-filled Wednesday. you can copy one of our pictures or make one of your own. Visit Amy-Deanne and learn more and sign up or visit the others taking part.


  1. What lovely words.
    Thank you!!

  2. This is my prayer to, Michelle. That I will always be humble and merciful in all things. What a wonderful verse.

    Have a day filled with blessings of love and laughter!

    (((Hugs))) from me to you!

  3. great verse!! i love the colors in it!

  4. Enjoy these word filled wednesdays -- because at work I can peak at the verses and let them speak to my heart!! I need to be more humble ... {sigh}

  5. Katie looks so sweet! Have you read the Left Behind series? I'm reading them now, my hubby has already read the whole series! He has been teasing me about how the book ends!

  6. Sometimes I get to involved in the business stuff that I forget that I have one soul to save...my own. Thanks for your blog today.

  7. Hey, that's our memory verse this week!

    (and I REALLY need to remember to kill the sound before I come to your site. You jumped me AGAIN!)

  8. Lovely! Just lovely.

  9. Awesome bit of "bread" you shared with us today my friend!

    Love & Hugs to you!


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