Sunday, December 16, 2007

A few snowy pictures!

That's some cold suet! But the birds don't mind!
Our big old tree out back.
Looking north out the front door. Looks like a winter day and boy did it feel it!
Getting ready for the evening stroll! Jack and Katie were all bundled up in their coats!
Ever seen anyone look more peaceful?
Looking out back from the porch.
Little snow on the bird house!
Icicles on the neighbor's house. I think they are pretty.
Nothing but snow and cold out here today!
I am cold! Think I will wander back in! Hot chocolate here I come! Would you like some too?


  1. Hi Michelle,
    The snow is beautiful. We're hearing about terrible storms in the midwest.
    Praying you stay safe and warm..

  2. It looks like a winter Christmasy....and so cold...yes..your Katie is a sweetie..and the afghan underneath her beautiful.....
    love all your pictures...

  3. I'll take a cup please! Look at all your snow! Sigh. We never get snow. I would love some snow thank you! Send some our way!

  4. How beautiful is that snow. We have seen pics on the tv of the snow storms currently across the States.
    Oh! those characters on your last post are fun.

  5. I hope it's not as cold there as here. It's too cold to go out enjoy it!

  6. Yes, please, I'd love to have a cup of hot chocolate with you! Loved looking at all the photos...anytime I see snow I think of it as God's painting of a Christmas scene:-) Katie certainly does look warm and cozy! xox

  7. We were so blessed to miss all the storms here in Colorado while we were in Hawaii. And we missed the rain there.

    We have quite a bit here, but today it got up to the 40s, so hopefully it'll be going down each day.

    Somebody blessed us with blowing off our driveway, and I'd like to find out who so we can thank them.

    Have a great week!

  8. Winter snow is nice to look at, isn't it? I just don't like going out in it.

  9. The snow is beautiful! Wish I could see it-I have never been in real snow ever.


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