Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Word-filled Wednesday

The picture is of some calla lilies I grew. Well, at least one of them and another lily behind it. Just one of many of God's splendors in this old world. Please join us for word-filled Wednesdays. Visit Amy-Deanne to learn more.


Angela said...

Beautiful...the ahhh of his wonderous works. That's what life is all about!

Thanks for sharing this GREAT verse today!

T*mmy said...

You are such a blessin'

Anonymous said...

Wow what a picture! And a great verse too.


nemo said...

Beautiful flowers! I cannot wait for my garden to start blooming, got lots of work to do first though, it's been abandoned for about 30 years and the soil seems dead :(

Love the verse too! God indeed is Majestic and has given us so many beautiful treasures here on earth!

I've joined mister linky and participated in Word-filled Wednesday for the first time this week! I'd be happy if you stop by sometime!
God bless you

Sharon said...

God is the Greatest Artist of all! Beautiful!

Lana G! said...

Truly wondrous are His works! Beautiful.