Saturday, December 29, 2007

Finishes, starts and in betweens

This is a little afghan I made for Lucy. That is if we ever get her! *sigh* We were supposed to pick her up last weekend but the lady had family coming in. I understand. So today we were supposed to but she was to busy and we made an appointment to pick her up Sunday at 1:30. I was all excited even with a migrane! LOL! Then the lady called tonight and has to go out of town because her brother is ill. Again I understand but I am getting frustrated. She promised to call the first part of the week. If she does fine, if not fine. End of story!
I finished my pink, purple and white afghan. As you can tell, Katie already wants it! LOL! I think she is really an "afghan" hound and not a min pin!
Here is Jack's quilt. Poor little snowman only has one arm right now. I think he is waving at everyone. Or maybe he is waving at Jack wanting his other arm!
I am now putting together some granny squares I did awhile back. I had gathered up all my yarn and sorted it in colors that went together well. I saw I had a lot of the greens, teals, pinks and burgundys and thought they would make nice granny squares. And they do. It will make a nice size afghan about 40 x50 or so.
So that is all the news from the sew n sews for the weekend. See ya soon!


Daughter of the King said...

oh.....praying the details for Lucy will work out....maybe it is just so hard for her to part with her.
I cannot believe how talented that you are and how much you get accomplished....I am in awe.....

Ma Kettle said...

You are quite talented. I wish I could visit in person with you so you could teach me the second afghan and the granny one. I can do the top one...tight stitches loose and the such,,,

Oh I love your talent. God sure is awesome isn't He? Giving each one of of so much to do and create.

Well I am loving the creativity and fun and love here!

Vonna said...

I hope Lucy is with you frustrating, but in it's own good time I suppose.
Your granny squares afaghan is going to be lovely....I made a granny square afaghan when I was 19...I had just broken up with a steady boyfriend and it was summer time and my Mom taught me to crochet...LOL! We call it the tears afaghan! LOL!!!
Happy New Year Michelle! My love to you all :)

J-ME said...

Love the colors in the granny squares - some of my favorite colors. Oh, I do hope Lucy can make your home her's very soon.
You are both so talented and quick at finishing projects. It's so fun checking in to see what is new at your house. Jamie

Lana said...

I pray all will go well with the adoption. Lovely beginning to your granny square afghan! Have a Happy New Year!

Sharon said...

Hi Michelle, Happy New Year to you, Jack and Katie! I hope things work out with Lucy! Lovely finishes all around, I really the granny squares! Have a great week!

Meari said...

Awww... what a disappointment in not getting Lucy yet. All your projects look great. :)