Thursday, December 20, 2007

a brother, knobs, snow folks and an afghan

I'd like you to meet someone. This is my older half brother Steve and his lovely wife Glenda who live in Texas. This picture was a visit they took to San Antonio in October. I sure miss them too. I haven't seen them since dad passed away in 2001. When they lived in Oklahoma it wasn't a big deal to go see them. I've been a little teary eyed and a bit blue the last couple days. I don't know why but I refuse to let it overwhelm me! Getting a card and pic from the two of them just kinda added fuel to the fire.
Well, I got tired of my all green cabinet and painted the knobs a copper metalic. I like it and think it makes it look better!
Here is Jack's progress on his quilt. He has been sewing like a house a fire and that needle of his is smoking!
And I have been a bit busy myself. I am almost done with my afghan! Just got to do the border and give the loose ends on the back a haircut and it is done, done, done!
One more little note. We will have a new family member the 29th. Her name is Lucy and she is a black doxie mix about 6 to 8 years old. She was abandoned 2 years ago by her family and left in a backyard without food or water. While the lady who has her now adores her she is gone a lot and wants Lucy to have a home where she will get more attention. When she took Lucy in for a friend who did doggie rescues, she never meant to keep her this long but we here Lucy is a real sweetheart! So I have to get busy making a snuggle sack and afghan for her so she and Katie will each have there own! So until next time I will see you then!


Daughter of the King said...

I think a lot of us know how it feels to be blue, this time of year when we are away from people we love or love ones are not around....I will share your burden and hold you up in friend.

Oh those knobs came out so good...

and your AFGHAN...WOW......oh WOW, are so talented....I can't believe how much you accomplish.

And you are sure right..Jack's needle must be smoking...get the extinguisher,,,,,,

LUCY...a friend for Katie..oh I can't wait to see the pictures..I am excited for ALL of you...

God Bless you...

Dawn said...

I hope Katie isn't too jealous of her new sister! That should be fun, having two of the little rascals.

Beautiful handwork!

I have been teary this week, too. Not blue, but lots of "stuff" going on, and getting so manh touching things on my e-mails.

Have a very blessed Christmas!

Vonna said...

Yippeee!!! A sister for Katie :) I bet they'll be best friends...Or you hope...yes?! LOL!
Your afghan is gorgeous and Jack is smokin' with that quilt! Don't be blue Michelle...we all love you!

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

Just wanted to drop by and say hello! I really enjoyed my visit here today!
Love your afghan, and Jack's quilt too! And hearing about your new pup is heartwarming!
Keeping you in my prayers!
Claudia O.

Sharon said...

Wow! Those copper knobs look great against the dark green!

You two stay busy! The afghan looks beautiful and the quilt is coming along...well, smokin' along. ;-)

Lucy is going to love her new home and family!!

Patty said...

Love how the knobs turned out and that afghan is gorgeous ! You two sure get lots done every day.

Angela said...

Your kitchen knobs look great...your stitching projects are really coming along fast.

I'm glad that Katie will have a playmate in Lucy.

Have a wonderful holiday season...Knowing that you are Loved by so many in Blogland. I am glad to have met you this past year my dear precious friend!

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Anonymous said...

Oooooh, you're afghan is really beautiful!

Sorry you were feeling a little down, I know how that can be. Just got back from visiting my mom's house for Christmas and my grandmother's sister was there. She looks just like my late grandma, it brought tears to my eyes after she left. It was a little like being with grandma again.

Glad you got little a pic? I have a chi/doxie mix, and these dogs are just so sweet.

Barbara said...

I do trust that you are feeling a little less blue. So many at this time of year fall prey to the blues. So much excitement but also so many reminders of broken relationships, loss of family and friends and broken dreams.
You are in my prayers this Christmas Michelle. Have a Blessed time.

Meari said...

Both your WIPs look great. Looking forward to seeing pics of your new family member. :)