Sunday, December 9, 2007

Our little Christmas house & Christmas tree treasures

Welcome to our home on this cold icy day. Come inside and warm up!
Here is our little tree and the answers to the Christmas tree treasures
1. Why I use my tree topper and why it is special: She is an adorable angel made for us by a very dear friend.
2. Do you use a tree skirt and is it unusual? Yes, it is a cross stitch kit given to me by a friend. I cross stitched it and it is unusual in that it has different water birds on it.
3. What is your oldest ornament? It is a little stain glass angel. She is hanging just above the nativity. We have had her for nearly 27 years!
4.What goes on the tree first? Depends on my mood!
Visit here to see and read about more Christmas Treasures.
Now here are the rest of my decorations. These were my Grams and I got them after she passed away in 2003.
Here come all the snowmen! LOL!

So there it is! Thanks so much for visiting and do be careful in this weather as you head on home!


  1. Oh!! I love your snowmen!! :)

  2. Love it all!! Christmas is such a jolly, joyful season for so many reasons. Thanks for the show.

  3. My Dear Michelle,
    I had a wonderful visit as you shared with me some of your Christmas Tree Treasures.

    Your angel topper is beautiful and I know that it has special meaning coming from a dear friend. :)

    What a unique tree skirt...with very skillfully stiched water birds.

    I know that you treasure and protect your stain glass...and to have her for 27 years.

    Your display of your Grams' collection is very beautiful. I know that each piece holds a special place in your heart.

    Snowmen hold a special place in my heart. I have always loved them, and have them all through my home. I will share some of them later this week.

    I enjoyed my visit with you Michelle...may your days be filled with many blessings, lots of love, laughter,family and friends!

  4. I love your snowmen! Oh so cute!

  5. Thanks for letting me in out of the cold! I love all your snowmen and how fun to have treasures from your grandmother. Blessings and stay warm...

  6. oh.....everything looks so Christmasy....thank you for sharing with all of us...keep Katie warm,,,I see she does not like the cold...she posted, when you weren't looking...

  7. Such pretty decorations! I like the snowmen!

  8. I love your decorations, especially the snowmen. I have a lot of them too, and they're just so cute.

    That tree skirt is an exquisite work of art!

  9. Oh, I love snowmen too! These are great decorations!

  10. I love your adorable snowmen! God Bless!

  11. Beautiful Decorating Michelle :)
    I love your answers to the questions too! You've made a cozy, Christmasy home!

  12. so pretty, christmas is so much fun and such a time to remember good times

  13. Michelle your home looks wonderful! Love the snowpeople-of course the oustside is looks quite chilly-but it is very pretty snow.

  14. I love your snowmen and all the pictures of decorations! I am also envious of your homemade tree skirt! :)

  15. Hello dear Michelle:-)

    I really wish I was coming up those stairs to your door so that I could visit you:-) Love the little angel on top of your tree, made more special because it was made for you by a friend! Also love your snowmen, they all have such sweet faces. Hey, when did Katie learn how to type and do posts??? hehe Love it! Yuck on the ice, though!! Stay warm my friend!! xoxo

  16. Your decorations are adorable! I'm thinking that I won't have time or energy to be putting up my tree this year. I have too much going on! Ack... Happy Holidays to you all! :)

  17. Your snomen are adorable! I also like your tree skirt. I don't believe I have ever seena crosstich one. It is beautiful. What a great treasure because you made it

  18. Love the snowmen! :-)


  19. very lovely! I'm jealous b/c I just haven't gotten it together this year for decorating with the building going on around here!

  20. Hello dear Michelle,
    I so enjoyed seeing your beautiful decorations. That tree skirt is just a work of art! Snowmen are always featured in my decorations as well.
    Wish I could be there to see them in person as your home seems so festive and welcoming.
    Enjoy this blessed time of year...

  21. Thanks for inviting me in and showing me your Christmas decorations.
    Thanks vor visiting me and for yur encouraging comments.


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