Sunday, December 9, 2007

Who's idea was this?

Katie here. Mom is fixing lunch and fluffing the Christmas tree, so I took over the computer to share with you. This is what mom and dad woke up to this morning. No, it isn't snow! It is ice and I hate it! Hard to walk on and cold on the feet. It was a nasty night, sleet hitting the windows and thunder and lightening.
So this is what little old me will be doing all day long!

Have a great Sunday everyone. My family and me are buckling down for more ice storms. Mom says we will have them until Tuesday. Is that a long time? *sigh* I hope not!


  1. ahhh...Katie...
    I am sorry you are so cold....we get alot of rain here...don't like it either...I like to nap by my mom when she blogs on her laptop...sitting in MY recliner...
    guess this makes us DOG pals, huh?
    Doggie of Deby

  2. How adorable! No one likes an ice storm. So sorry you have one to last so long. Maybe mom will fix you up with some little snow booties for your paws!

  3. Oh, Katie you are living the life! I wish I could stay wrapped up in my bed all day. Any hints on how to do this? LOL

  4. Katie girl... I've got ice here, too. Can I come under the blankie with you??


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