Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wednesday pattern Day!

Here is a pattern in what is called filet crochet.  Not a lot of people seem to do it anymore but I really love it if the pattern is well done.  This is a lovely daffodil table runner from 1919.
Filet crochet daffodil
And how about an awesome buffalo for you wall hanging?  You could do a silhouette in cross stitch as well.
Thanks for coming by to view my couple finds for the week.   Blessings and huggles.


  1. Thank you for this pattern!!!
    I love it !!

  2. Will you be making these? They are beautiful!

  3. That is a beautiful crochet piece...don't know that I could work anything that pieces are such simpletons :) I like your new header picture....hope you are staying warm this winter friend...its been cold everywhere I do believe....blessings

  4. Flat crochet is so cool. I have seen some neat pieces done,framed and hung and they are impressive. I did not know it was called flat crochet.

  5. I think the filet crotchet pattern is pretty even by itself.

  6. Lovely works of art. Mom & I once crocheted kitchen curtains and were loving them for a long time.


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