Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Friday!

First let me say I'm sorry I forgot to post a pattern and tutorial Wednesday.  It just plain slipped my mind.  And for those who asked, I did come up with the pattern for a veil and I plan to finish another type of covering tomorrow.  All I can say is it is a bit of a cross between a caul, a snood and a kapp.  LOL!  Anyway onto what I am up to.
 I am closing in on finishing this Names of Jesus piece.  One name to finish and two more to do after that.  After that I believe I will finish the Cardinals.
And here is a doily I am doing for someone.  After I finish ten more bells around, I will have a border to do and then it will be finished.  It is a small one around 10 inches and very cute I think.
I also am doing 6 hotpads for the same customer.  Three in blue and white and three in red and white.  I like the colors together.
My beloved husband trying to be silly yesterday.  That is about as silly as he gets except with only us two.  he is a bit shy about that.
Sorry no Sylvia pics.  She is in hibernate mode upstairs lately.  Thanks for visiting.  huggles and blessings.


Marlene Jones said...

Love your hot pads, hubby looks great, missing Sylvia but if she is snuggled and warm, then I'm happy, mine refuse to leave our house, they hate the wind more than the rain.

Anonymous said...

Your shy silly husband looks like a keeper. :0) Blessed Sabbath to you both.