Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Little Post!

Well, I am late with last nights post.  Of late my migranes have been pretty frequent  and yesterday I even took to the bed for a couple hours which I rarely do.  Otherwise I did very little of anything and since I also have to fight with the computer a lot to upload pictures, I decided to wait until this morning.  So on we go today.  Here is Jack's baby quilt. He really doesn't have a lot more to do.
And Thursday I managed to finish the blue set of hotpads and now onto the red and white.  I alternated the color placement on one just for interest.
Thursday I also managed to finish the little doily.  It isn't pressed yet but still cute.  I shortened the border to keep it at 10 inches but I think it looks nice.
Thanks for visiting.  Huggles and blessings.


Marlene Jones said...

Jacks work is stunning, love your crochet. I hope you are feeling better, give Sylvia a hug.

Margaret said...

I'm loving those pot holders. Love your doily as well. Jack's quilt looks wonderful. Hope those migraines stop bothering you.

Carlene said...

Hope you have a good day tomorrow and feel better. Jack's quilt is really cute and your crochet s very nice also. Hugs to you all.

Peggy said...

Beautiful needlework, all of it. I so admire you for that talent. Anything involving a needle and thread is not for me. But I love to look at what others do. Yours is exceptional. Thanks for posting.

Chava said...

Nice! I hope your feeling better!