Saturday, February 8, 2014

Time for doilies and such!

Because of my rapidly thinning hair and the fact putting it up in a bun id damaging it more,  I am trying to make one or more types of veils so I can leave my hair down or put it in a hairnet on hot days.  This is my first try out and I like it. 
I have nerve damage in my hands so it is sewn at the nape of my neck.  a few pleats helps it hang the way I prefer.
I finished two doilies this week.  This one reminds me of the sun with the pattern and yellow coloring.
This doily is a present for someone at church.  I do hope she enjoys it!  I have a doily ordered by someone and I will hopefully have some pictures of the start Monday when I see you again.  Sorry to say no Sylvia pictures.  She was in hibernate mode this last couple days.  Hopefully Monday I will have a picture of Jack's baby quilt.  It is just so cute!  Blesings and huggles.


Bean said...

Your doily's are beautiful. Such neat work.

Lumiruusu said...

Your doily really loks like the sun! I am sure the your Sister from Th Church will like it as much as I do.

The veil looks very comfort-well done !

With Blessings ,Maija from Finland

Chava said...

Nice! I loved the coverings you could keep your hair down, super comfortable and all. The typical Christian veil you clip on just killed my head and arms (constantly putting it on and reclipping). This was the pattern I used for that one.

Sue in the Wood said...

Your work is always so beautiful and well done!

Dee said...

The sun doily is the perfect is so pretty. Did you design the veil yourself?