Sunday, January 27, 2008

I am still here!

Jack and I have managed a bit of sewing. I put together a row of my next afghan just to see what it will look like. now I need to do some more squares to do the next row.
Here is the Ruth project. I am working on the dark blue silhouette of the man and some of the clouds too.
Here is Jack's snowfolks! Not a whole lot of cross stitching left for him to do! He has some specialty things to do when all the stitching is finished.
Now, I wanted to share the colors we are painting the walls. Caramel for the kitchen and living room walls.
A nice green called guacamole for the hall and our bedroom.
And a soft yellow for the laundry room, kitchen cabinets and the computer/hobby room. Eventually we will paint the wood trim a nice crisp white. That will be nice I think.
We also took time Friday since I was feeling very brave, to go down to Springfield and hours drive away. We visited some friends at the pharmacy they own. Katie got lots of loving and plenty of biscuits too. then we went to a place called Andy's. They serve frozen custard and we got our favorite which is called a snowmonster. It is vanilla custard with lots of strawberries and some chocolate swirled through. Yumm!!!! Then on to petsmart for Katie shampoo. She even picked out her own toy but more about that on Thursday! So God bless all until next time!


Susie said...

Hi Michelle,
Your painting is looking so nice. I especially love the caramel color :)
That snowmonster vanilla custard sounds just yummy. Glad you had a nice outing!

groovyoldlady said...

Eeew. painting. I HATE painting! My shoulders ache just thinking about it! However, it's going to look so nice when it's all done. Make sure you show us the rooms when they're finished!

I love Jack's snow people!

And how do you connect your granny squares? Do you crochet them together or sew them or whip stitch them or what?

Vonna said...

Wow! You've been busy Michelle! I love the Snowman are you can hang it up on your walls for winter? I LOVE it...Jack's done a great job! And I love that afaghan too...that'll be CUTE and COZY :)
I think I want a bite of that custard snowmonster!

Lana said...

Too bad you didn't stop by! Andy's is one of our favorite places too. Everything is looking great!
BTW I've nominated you on your excellence in blogging. Keep up the great work:~D

Daughter of the King said...

Great choice of paint colors...and I love your new afghan...and the cross-stitch..beautiful...
....the custard sounds so yummmmy...
having two giveaways at my blog

Dawn said...

Things are looking good! And what a nice day trip.

Morning Glory said...

I like your new paint colors. There's just nothing quite like the lift that new paint can give a room.

fridaybears said...

I'm itching to paint but have to wait till the weather shapes up.

Sharon said...

That is going to be a very pretty afghan! Your Ruth is coming along beautifully and Jack's snow people, too.
Oh now I'm craving something yummy! Glad you had a good time! :-)

Anonymous said...

wouldn't let me post there! bah trying again!

I love the green color you chose!
and I think that is sew great you guys sew together!

Meari said...

Everything looks great... projects and walls! :) Love the guacamole green.

Vicki said...

Love the colors you've chosen for your rooms. And nice stitching.