Thursday, January 3, 2008

Who left the freezer door open?

Man but it has been cold here! The last few nights it has gotten into the single digits and teens with the brisk winds putting the wind chill at 0 or a bit lower! Katie's nose has been out of joint because that has meant no long walks twice a day. The best she got was the vacant lot next to our neighbor for a bit of mole hunting and a chance to do her chores. She was a happy camper today to get a proper long stroll. Sunday they promise temps in the upper 60's and maybe even a rumble of thunder with the rain! Gotta love that Missouri weather! Anyway, I keep plenty of high protein suet out for the birds. Along with dollops of bird seed in the crook of our big ole tree out back along with piles of it on the ground. I take the nearly eaten up pieces of suet out and put it in the crook of the tree for the squirrels to enjoy. This is pictures of our little visitors today.
Poor little birds were mighty cold. They ate their fill and soaked up some sun.
Didn't take this guy long to find the suet!
Joined by a buddy dining on seeds. I could spend hours at the back door or kitchen window watching my wild babies. They are only a few feet away and so enjoyable!
Here is the latest on Jack's snow folks. They just keep getting cuter! So enjoy your day my friends until next time! God bless!


Karin said...

The snow folks are very cute - hope it warms up for you.

Dawn said...

It seems to be cold all over! We were supposed to get to 51 today, but it didn't happen. Not too cold, though. It's warmed up sinc last week.

Sharon said...

It's pretty cold here too, even for Florida standards. My heater has been running constantly tonight. I like it cold-but not this cold. The birds are sweet! Jack's snowpeople are looking good.

Lana said...

Sending warm thoughts your way! Missouri weather...never a dull moment:~D

Sharon said...

The snow folks is so adorable!
Cold is everywhere, even in the south. :-) What's this I hear about global warming? ;-0 Okay, I won't go there. ;-)

Anonymous said...

hehe cold... lol I usually get an avg. of -30 right now and have been the coldest place on earth a few years back... I laugh at your cold (okay little giggles).. but I do hope it warms up for you!!!! I'm piled under a good foot or so of snow around here.. it won't be gone until march/april or so though.

Angela said...

We are having cold here as well. Low 15 degrees and high today 34 degrees.They have forcast warmer weather over the weekend and into next week. Maybe having highs in the upper 60's.

I am like you Michelle, I love to what all of my little kids as they feed and play in my yard. God has blessed me with much joy as I stand and watch his beautiful creations.

Wow...I love Jack's snow folks. They are really looking great! He is really working alot on them.

Have a great weekend filled with lots of love and laughter!

Hugs and Prayers,

PlainCatholic said...

Tis cold all over; we too, had wind chills in the subzero. Sometimes I worry about the wee birds in the wild but then I remember that God looks after the "birds of the air".

Our dogs and cats are sympathizing with Katie. May you be blessed with a warm hearth and a warm heart.

Sue "Sioux" Seibert said...

I love Jack's snow folks! I need to get busy on Christmas gifts for next year. I'm trying to figure out our old version of InDesign to make family books for the girls for next far, I'm not getting far!

As to, this week I about froze, and now it's in the 70's here...80's the other day. No wonder everyone is ill!

Happy Epiphany!

Glennis said...

Hi, I am not a sewing lady, but I can appreciate all the hard work you put into it, but I am animal lover and I really like anyone who puts out good food for wild life.
Those squirrels are so cute, we don't have any in New Zealand.