Monday, January 14, 2008

What a weekend

It was both a sad and happy time for the citizens of El Do. We had a fire Tuesday downtown. This building was vacant when it caught fire. The building to the right was not an housed H&R Block. They were able to salvage computers and papers and such. That building will have to come down also. My Aunt and Uncle at one time had an Otasco store in there and I spent a lot of time there. This was in the early 1970's. It also housed a restaurant in the 2000's called The Great Missouri Chicken. Jack and I ate there a lot and we even had lunch there with my late father. Lots of memories and it made me teary eyed with all the memories it stirred up.

On a happy note! The opera house is finished! They had an open house the 6th. We forgot and so didn't attend. Shoot! Here is a website if you want to see more and read about the remodeling. They will be showing second run and old classic movies.
And here is what is left of my stove after Sunday night. BIG scare! I was in here on the computer while supper was baking. Jack went to check on it and had just pulled the casserole out when the oven made a horrible sound. Then sparks and flames shot out of the storage drawer. It scared us both half out of our wits. Jack was able to shut off the stove and grab the fire extinguisher to cool things down. Praise God the home and the 3 of us are all okay.
So we had to go stove hunting today. Checked a couple rental places and walked away. I am NOT paying 130 dollars a month for a used stove! We went to an appliance store there in Nevada, found a nice smooth top stove with self cleaning oven made by whirlpool for less than 500 dollars and it will be fully covered 100% for 4 years! They do in house financing so we will pay 35 dollars down Wednesday and 21 dollars a month until October when we will pay it off when Jack gets his retirement. So we will make due until Thursday with my crock pot and roaster. Tonight I will use the roaster and make a nice hamburger soup! Now if we could just find the handle we need for our toilet all will be well! The dumb thing broke and takes a special type of handle. Our favorite hardware store has them but someone else got the last one. Now what is the chance of two people needing a rarely used product in the same week? LOL!
And at last here is my progress on Ruth. Coming along nicely.
So that is all the news thats fit to print here in the Ozarks. Until next time God's blessings on you all! One last thing! Took a fun quiz!

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Sharon said...

It is so sad when an older building with lots of memories is suddenly gone.

The Opera House sounds like a nice place. I love to watch old movies.

Yikes! I'm glad he was there when it happened and put out the flames! So thankful no one was hurt.

Ruth is looking beautiful!!

Dawn said...

Sounds like a hot place in the old town this week-end! Too close a call at your house!

I'm a daffodil: You have a sunny disposition and are normally one of the first to show up for the party. You don't need too much attention from the host once you get there as you are more than capable of making yourself seen and heard.

I think it's pretty close.

Vonna said...

You always leave me smiling Michelle :) Sorry about the stove, the toilet handle and all, but you are reacting to it with love, happiness and grace...something we all need to learn to do!

Daughter of the King said...

.....Well the good thing will have a beautiful new that should be so nice....I am so thankful that you are all okay....
The Opera house looks wonderful...and you are so is hard to see old buildings go...
The cross-stitch is beautiful......the colors are so pretty...too much TALENT in your house.....between you and your beloved...You are both very blessed and a blessing..

PlainCatholic said...

Dear Michelle, I kin your dilemma. Our houses like ourselves need the repairs as we age. We are going through a similar situation with our refrigerator. We had to replace the stove last year.

May you stay warm in this freezing season!

A Note From Theresa said...

Hello I'm Mrs. Connie's Daughter in-law. Just stopping by to say hello. I like your blog and will be back. Have a wonderful day.

Susie said...

Dear Michelle,
So glad that stove didn't cause a house fire. You handle all of life's little bumps with such humor and grace.
love and hugs!


Dear Michelle, I am so glad you have such good memeories to recall.

The stove was a real scare and I am so thankful that God protection was over you and your husband and home.

The post on age is very true, I am living proof. Such a good visit today. Thanks so much. connie from Texas

Angela said...

Michelle... I am so sorry that your town lost one of it's store front's to fire. It always makes you sad when a part of your history is removed from your town.

I am so grateful that you, Jack and Katie are safe from your stove fire. It is nice to when a new stove comes into your home. Just think... you will have the house filled with wonderful aromas of home cooking very soon.

Ruth is looking very beautiful. She is coming along very fast.

Have a wonderful day filled with many blessings.


Lucy said...

thank goodness all is okay with the stove mishap!!! Love pretty!

Sharon said...

Oh my goodness Michelle, you did have a weekend. I am glad to hear the stove mishap turned out okay! Ruth looks great too.

Meari said...

Wow, a lot of news in this post! I'm glad to hear no one got hurt in either fire (yours and the building). I bet it WAS scary with your oven. Had something similar happen to me with the washing machine.