Saturday, January 19, 2008

Weekend visit

We had some visitors this week. It's been pretty cold all week and a dusting of snow, so they are thankful for the yummies left for them. We have 3 suet holders around the house. Two with High protein suet and one with bugs in it for those who like those kind of things! And we sprinkle bird seed under the big tree.
Here is Mr. Woodpecker and friends munching away.
I caught Mr. Cardinal this morning! It has a bit of a glare with the morning sun but you can't miss that patch of red!

This is what we have been up to with the house. Took nearly two weeks but we tore up what we "lovingly" call the scuzzy carpet in the living room and rearranged and cleaned the whole thing. Hard enough work if you are in good health but twice as hard and painful for us but well worth it! Eventually we will need to refinish the hardwood. It is an unusual floor too. Most hardwood floors are a random pattern with long pieces of wood and a few short so the seams don't line up. Ours is all short pieces about a foot long in a running bond pattern. We want to refinish it and stain it in a claret finish which is a nice wine red color not quite as dark as mahogany.
And here it is! the new stove! Nothing fancy but it works great! I still haven't learned how to work the timer but I will. Took a bit to figure out how to work the oven. Had to read up on it in the manual. It is a push button system that even tells you how long until it is preheated to the correct temp. It is taking some getting used to the smooth top but what a dream to clean it!

So there ya have it! Our week in a nutshell. No time for sewing this week and too tired anyway! God bless you this week.



Michelle, the floor looks like it would have been a very hard job. It looks nice. I love you new stove. I hope you cook many happy meals on it. Have a wonderful weekend. love you, connie from Texas

Morning Glory said...

Your new stove looks very much like mine. I really like it, especially the smooth cook top.

lena-lou said...

Love the Woodpecker pictures, how cool !!

Nice new floor and stove too :-)

Enjoy the rest of the weekend Michelle :-))

By the grace of God ... said...

I was thinking of you this week while I was cleaning my stove (my WHITE stove top) and hoping that you would get a black top!! LOL! You sure did, because I sure struggle to clean mine. And WOW that floor is actually very nice. We have "lovely" carpet to and I am too scared to see what is under it!! LOL!

Sharon said...

No wonder you haven't had any time for sewing!! :-)
I love your new stove!! Does it have a self-cleaning oven?

Daughter of the King said...

The outdoors pictures are great..
and wow look at your floor wonderful...I KNOW that kind of stuff is hard husband's next project is pulling out our carpet..he has been sick with what I HAD...
now...what a beautiful new happy for will get the hang of it..

'JoAnn's-Digital-Eyes' said...

Hi Michelle, I just saw that your backname is 'Ozark' and for some reason I like the intire Ozard family, so I also like your photograpy of this trees very much, welldone.

I also wanted to let you know, that I posted "frost nature" (because flu my flu haha!) You might like to see it,yu also might like to listen to the the music in combination with this nature..

Have a good week
JoAnn from Holland

J-ME said...

Hi. I sure have missed a lot of happenings lately. Now I am all caught up, but am wondering about Lucy. I enjoyed all your photos and the birds. So sorry to read of the fire in town, and the one in your stove. Sure am glad your dh was right there when it happened and could take care of it.

It was so nice to visit with you again.

Penless Thoughts said...

That is a great picture of the Redheaded Woodpecker, Michelle.

Your new stove is a lot like the one my kids gave me for Mother's Day 2 years ago. I love it and you will, too.

I hadn't been around too much lately and did not know about the fire. I know that must have been very frightening. So thankful you are okey and well.

I love hardwood floors. Wish I had them.

Sharon said...

The new stove looks very nice-I really like that flat top. Love the hardwood floors.

Angela said...


You two have been busy.... your hard work looks very nice.

I love that beautiful stove. I bet you have the house filled with a baking aroma each day.

Take care and have a blessed day. Try and rest up .... I love to see your projects in progress and completed.:)


Meari said...

The floor will look really great stained. I have a lot of hardwood in my house. It's nice, but a bit cold on the footsies. Love your new stove! (I need a new one)