Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More stitching coming your way!

Feeling nostalgic!

Jack and I have been doing some serious cleaning of the storage shed.  I wanted to share some of my treasures with you.

This is one of the cards of buttons my grandmother had and the tag she put in when she made something for us grandkids.  The buttons are so old they cost a nickel!


Here Grandma was practicing some embroidery.  Most likely thinking of doing it on a piece of clothing she wanted to make.


The only thing Grandma learned to crochet was granny squares.  On the left is one item nearly finished.  She would sew together two squares turning down the front and adding a bow to hold it.  Under the flap would go a pencil and a little notebook in the pocket to keep near the phone.


Below are two of my mother’s aprons.  I put a ruler there to give you an idea of how tiny she was!  These were made in the very early 1960’s.  Mom passed away at age  34 in 1969 but I still remember seeing her puttering around the house in her aprons!



Below is an old card my mom sent to my grandmother.  It is folded up in the first picture and when you fold the flap down it makes a 3d picture.



I have most of my little bird on this page done and quite a bit of that big old leaf.  I have finished a bit more since I took this picture.


Jack is nearing the end on his last supper piece.  He says he is ready for a break with a simpler piece when it is done.


Sylvia sillies!!!!

Tough kitty!


But after tough must come a nap!


Huggles and God bless all.


Anonymous said...

LOL Love the last picture...
Love the aprons

Lana said...

You and Jack are doing great on your projects! I don't blame Jack at all for wanting to go with something smaller!

Sarah Beth said...

Hi Michelle,
I wanted to tell you about that embroidery on the gigham your grandma did. That is actually a type of embroidery. A friend from church showed me some that she had made years ago. I am glad you took the picture because I was trying to remember how it was done. I have a bunch of pastel gigham and want to make some pillows or a baby blanket with it.


Michelle, this post was so lovely. I enjoyed reading it and remembering things about my Grandmother and my mother.Thank you. The stitching is beautiful as always. You and Jack are so gifted. The Kitty looks so happy. You have a great day, dear friend. love you, connie

PlainCatholic said...

Love those treasures of the heart. Praying you get rain and cooler weather soon.