Saturday, July 16, 2011

Stitching & more Stitching & kitties too!

Laughing with or at Sylvia

This was our girl yesterday.  Just maxin’ with that old chubby tummy hanging out!


Crochet finish

I finished up the shawl I was working on last night.  It came out nicely I think.  I just hope my friend will like it.


Cross stitch too!

Jack is really closing in on the finish on his project.  Just a little more to go and I am as excited about it as he is!


I have finished the cross stitching on this page of my project and now is all that outlining.  But I am closing in on it.


A close up of where I am working.


Fun in the garden

No one apparently told this tomato he should be the same round shape as the others.  He almost looks like a king size Roma tomato but he is actually a Mountain Spring who decided he wanted to look different!


So that is it for this post.  Blessings and huggles!


Sarah Beth said...

My goodness your tabby has a tummy:) What a cutie she is. Jack's progress looks wonderful. I get so excited when a project gets so close to the end like that. Look forward to seeing it finished and framed as well as your bird one too. Love that shawl. I crochet also and my sister has made me a few prayer shawls lately. They make them at their church and I think it is a wonderful ministry to have . My magnolia is coming along. I finished all the fill in on the one side and I am pleased with it. Hope you have a nice weekend. Jim is sick with strep right now and feeling quite miserable so please pray for him.

PlainCatholic said...

The prayer shawl is a stunner! Jack's work is grand too. Now HM Sylvia best watch her figure so she can age gracefully like HM Queen Elizabeth. LOL. She seems a cuddle bug. I daresay she would not object to having her own fan club either.

Barbara said...

Another beautiful piece of cross stitch.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

In a million years I never would've guessed that's a tomato!

Your sewing work is beautiful :-)

Pumpkin said...

LOL! What a cute picture :o)

Your shawl is just beautiful! And your WIP is coming along very nicely Michelle.

Maggie Ann said...

What a beautiful shawl! And the cross st. is fabulous! When I try a big project....the further it goes on, I always get mixed up in the stitch count and lay it aside. ahh well. Warm wishes for a happy day....

Delena said...

Very impressive cross-stitching and crocheting! :-)