Monday, November 14, 2011

Cross Stitch, the Moon and Crochet


I caught this picture of the moon coming up a couple nights ago.


Cross Stitch

Jack is working on the base of his palm tree on his project.  It is the area below his needle.


Not a lot done on my project but here it is.  I have been more in a crochet frame of mind.



Wild isn’t it?  LOL!  I wanted to have another afghan going, so I rooted through my odds and ends of yarn.  Found the variegated one where my hook is and found the other colors that closely match the colors in it.  I am just working as I please with no particular order to color or rows for each color.


So thanks for visiting!  Huggles and blessings.


Lana said...

Awesoem stitching, as always!! Love the photo of the moon! I love the bright colors in the new afgahan, you'll never loose that one forsure!

"Madge" said...

Lovely pictures! So nice to see someone else's projects! Hope you are having a wonderful evening... I'll be back to "see" you! :)x