Sunday, November 20, 2011

Funny hubbys, silly cats, Cross Stitch and Crochet

Silly Jack

My Jack’s humor is usually pretty low keyed but every now and than!  LOL!


Silly Sylvia

Here she is just after a mouse thrashing venture.


Funny nap!


Very interested in a show on nature about a fella who raised some wild turkeys.



My very LOUD afghan progress!  LOL!  I have not had much time to do anything for a few days but finally today, I am back at it.


Cross stitch

Even a little time for a small bit of cross stitch.


So there is a post short on hobbies but long on silliness.  Blessings and huggles.


The imPerfect Housewife said...

I always love to see the projects you're working on - lookin' good. And Jack...hilarious!!

rosey175 said...

I adore the afghan! Those colors are so gorgeously bright and cheerful and it looks amazing!

Margaret said...

Love the silliness! lol! I love your afghan as well. Pretty! As is the xs. Happy Thanksgiving!

Lana said...

Love the silliness and the beautiful creations in this post!! Happy Thanksgiving!

PlainCatholic said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Dear One!

Your colorful afghan should be on my sofa right now to cheer up the dreary weather. We are rainy and windy here.

One of our kitties loves to watch telly just as Sylvia does. Then there is the one who insists on laying on my chest even when I am sitting up straight.

God bless your Advent and Christmastide too!