Saturday, November 26, 2011

Much silliness & stitching here.

Sylvia sillies

Another day of silliness with the girl! She loves to put her hands under the rug and scoot along.


Jack’s Stitching

It is hard to see as the colors are so soft but we have part of a giraffe, an elephant and a leopard.  So very cute!



The afghan is growing and growing.  Still very bight but I like it.


Blessings and huggles.  Thanks for the visit.


Lisa said...

Oh what an adorable trick Sylvia has with the rug! The second picture looks like she just got "caught in the act." lol Thanks for sharing your beautiful kitty...and beautiful work with us!

Pumpkin said...

Sylvia is so funny!!!! LOL!

The baby blanket is adorable and your afghan is so bright and cheery :o)

Barbara said...

As always Jack's stitching is superb and I love your cat.