Thursday, November 10, 2011

I think It’s about Time For A Post!

Sylvia sillies

Computing with dad or more like getting loves.


“Psst, Mr. Duck, is it safe to come out?”


Tucked in the bed this morning.


Looking for the birds she hears.  We were watching a show about Harpie eagles.


Home Fix Up

Our new hot water tank!  We have been without a working one for a couple weeks.  A group doing weatherization's said since it was so old and such it qualified for replacement and they fixed a pipe that had come apart.  It is so nice to have hot water again without heating it up.


Working away!


Cross stitch

On I go with this section.  I am heading slowly to the left.


So that is my post for now.  Huggles and blessings.

1 comment:

PEA said...

That Sylvia, she is too funny:-) She's one lucky kitty to have you and Jack...can you adopt me too? hehe

Wonderful news that you were able to get your hot water tank replaced. I can well imagine how glad you are not having to heat up water the old fashion way anymore:-)

You're coming along well with your latest cross stitch project, beautiful work!! Big hugs xoxo